Video Games: Is the Bar Set Too High?

Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

Is the modern big-budget gaming wave heading us toward another crash? Do you feel that we need shorter, lower expectationed, less expensive games? Or is big budget the only way to go? Ryan Johnson of GoozerNation tackles this subject, and asks you in for your opinion!

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RyanDJ2883d ago

The image disappeared....trying to fix now.

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Dark_Charizard2883d ago

Yes, it is. It was set in 1998 by Ocarina of Time :P

StbI9902883d ago

In a sole genre called Action/RPG...

FantasyStar2883d ago

It's definite a "taste" then for I like my games to be longer, but at the same time, the gameplay has to be enjoyable so that it complements the time otherwise the playtime will feel like a chore rather than entertainment. What I'm seeing by reading between the lines is that the author was burnt playing story-based games where gameplay lends itself to story, rather than the other way around. IMO, this-gen we've seen far too many games with pointless stories that really de-values the gameplay substantially. Games this-gen also has been lacking in the replay-value department, only offering one few ways to replay the experience. Co-op, split-screen, LAN gaming, and online are just examples. But too often do we see how these features are cut due to budget/time constraints, or perhaps they're withholding features to release into another installment?

If it's anything, Mr. Johnson, it's that developers mishandle their funds and talent and that it's been happening far too often where developers think that money and good-looks will get them far in this industry when it's polar opposite with stagnant online tack-on MPs and short SP-experiences with bad story-plots and little incentive to replay. Epic Games proves you can have a fun-filled game that's high on production, high on replay(split-screen co-op, bot-support, LAN-Support, Split-screen via LAN, Online support), high on gameplay, and high on value. We're just going through a phase where we, as an industry need to weed out the newblood that think their progressive thinking of overbloating their games with untasteful things. When that's done, there will be a renaissance era where games and art are in tandem. Where the gamer doesn't have to worry anymore about "is this game worth $50-$60?" and begins to worry about "does this game cater to me?".

RyanDJ2883d ago

Exactly, FantasyStar. Games are set up to be fun. That's the definition. I enjoy story games, but they are getting too bloated, and replay value is at an all-time low. I simply want games that make me want to play them again, and that I can get a group of friends together to play. I feel the market is addicted to graphics and an epic experience, that in order to be epic, needs to be linear, which kills replay.

FantasyStar2883d ago

I feel that graphics are still important. The style of the presentation (graphical technology, art-style, color palette) can definitely make/break people's experiences: "Greys of War, Greyzone 2, Halo Rainbow-funtime). Going by the current trend of games, there's far too many shooters that play the same and feel the same, so devs pick different styles of presentation to make their game look unique. CoD did it with Modern warfare, Killzone did it with hyper-realism, Crysis did it with photorealism, Borderlands did it with cel-shading. Graphics are what makes these games stand out from one another. What I will allude to is how devs are mishandling their funds to focus on the presentation and not enough on other things like replay, as you thought.

I really like Gears of War because not only does it play great and has tons of replay value, the game looks amazing too! Like everything else in life, there's a limit, but that also means there should be a minimum balance as well. Games shouldn't look so old that it looks last-gen, but at the same time, it shouldn't be so over-the-top that we lose essential things to console gaming like split-screen or LAN.

gravemaker2883d ago

90% of games are broken shit anyway, who cares?

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