Mass Effect 2 - Demo Gameplay PS3 published a video showing some gameplay from the Mass Effect 2 demo for PS3. Enjoy.

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Flashwave_UK2859d ago

wow the graphics are above average the gameplayt will be so fun using the duralshock 3

Christopher2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Lots of this video makes me continue to be suspicious of the LoT screens. Especially with regards to Jacob's face.

I did notice very jagged shadows when you're very close to a character. Such as when Shephard is first getting up from the bed in the medical bay, the shadows on the bed look really bad.

You can definitely see that PS3 still has issues with certain Unreal Engine elements, but the games look to be at least on par with the 360. Definitely can tell the differences in that blacks are much blacker and whites much whiter, which is why in the 360 version Shephard looks older, more rugged than what we see on the PS3 version. This makes the PS3 armor/robots look sharper, though, but doesn't always make mixed textures look the best.

Not sure if it was due to the video or actual gameplay (still downloading the demo and others today), but some issues with Miranda's hair being artifacted kind of threw me off.

Christopher2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

That's a good comparison and assessment. Thanks for the link, jack_burt0n. Much better than the one over at LoT.

I didn't know the shadows on the 360 were that bad when up close as well.

Immortal3212856d ago

these reviewers lied so the metacritic review can match uncharted2. The game tries to be a cinematic set piece like most ps3 exclusives but fail at it.

why it fail- The camera is too close to the action and most of the time you can only see from the waist up. the camera needs to come back a few notches. It's like watching a movie too close the screen and you can only see a portion of the cinema.

it's a 9.0 at best.

Dellis2859d ago

never judge graphics based on your Monitor, your TV will tell you the truth about the visuals, unless you play games on your monitor then ok but HDTV gamers out there never ever be shocked or disappointed in graphics when you see them on you monitor, 9 times out 10 it will look better or worst.

dirthurts2858d ago

That really depends on the quality of your monitor.

rjdofu2858d ago

TV and Monitor are pretty much the same in term of gaming display, resolution is more important.

Prototype2858d ago

Day 1 for me, the demo alone was good, and proved Bioware actually cared towards something

TANUKI2858d ago

The demo was quite fun, but during the cutsene with Miranda and the Illusive Man... there were quite some jaggies.

The gameplay was top-notch, but it will definitely take some time getting used to the controls, and use of squadmate abilities.

Two-Face2858d ago

I have this game for the PC. You know... the superior version of them all.

ipe2858d ago


about ur pc or ur version.

TheTruth892858d ago

you don't have a pc.

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The story is too old to be commented.