60° Top 10 Indie Games of 2010 "So there you have it -- 2010 has come and gone, and with it a whole host of incredible indie gaming titles that have put the indie scene firmly on the map. With a record 391 entries into the Independent Games Festival this year, there is no doubt that indie games are, as always, a huge part of gaming as a whole.

With so many worthwhile releases, choosing just 10 from this year was quite the challenge. Note that for every game featured in our top 10, dozens of other must-play indie titles were left out. We genuinely feel bad about it, so we've listed just over a dozen honorable mentions at the bottom to make up for it."

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Yi-Long2858d ago

... where's the excellent ilomilo!?!?

MagicAccent2857d ago


And where is Amnesia..? Come on! That was the best scare I've had in ages :/

SoSLy2857d ago

Minecraft should be #1 IMO..

I love Indie games, cuz theyre not reboots or sequels.

Frenza2857d ago

I hope that Limbo will be ported to pc someday ^^

samuraiX2857d ago

Joe Danger is my BEST indie game.

SMOK3xFFx2857d ago

Of course it is, it's PSN exclusive.

samuraiX2857d ago

And if i said Limbo is my BEST indie game.

it will still be "Of course it is, it's XBL exclusive."?

Delusional Xfan is delusional.