Is retail dead?

Consumers are out spending billions of euro/dollars around the world in outlets that sell video-games, peripherals, consoles and other gaming accoutrements. But I haven’t stepped into a bricks-and-mortar game store in months. I’ve been in one maybe two or three times in 2010. Am I a lone wolf in the digital age, or are gamers turning away from their retail brothers…

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Substance1012859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

For most PC gamers likely. I havent been to a retail shop in 3 years atleast, aside the time i went to buy SC2. About 150games on steam now.

Also retail never has the complete game library anyways, so pointless going there, on digital networks i can pick any game i like and when the discounts roll in it gets even crazier.

HarryMonogenis2859d ago

I get most of my games from Amazon UK now. Their prices are nearly --if not always-- much, much cheaper. On top of that they sometimes offer those £10-£20 vouchers with a purchase -- which just makes you think "might as well shop at Amazon again."

I just find it annoying to see retailers complaining about sites like Amazon, but don't do anything to counter them -- like their own discounts etc..

cakeisalie2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

I get most of my games from Steam or D2D these days depending on who has the better offers. Most games 2-3 months after release can be had very cheaply like between 10-20usd. Which can result in a huge saving.

Retail pretty much cant compete.

deadreckoning6662859d ago

Retail ain't thats were their gunna end up unless they can find a way to stay competitive with the great prices at Amazon and Ebay.

AAACE52859d ago

I've been to several stores over the past few weeks and retail is far from dead! Seems like stores like Gamestop have been losing some business due to the fact that a lot of times you can get better deals elsewhere.

Just stopped at a Target today and it confused me! They had lots of Kinect sensors on display, but had absolutely no 360's in stock. I found lots of PS Move sets, but only 1 Ps3 was in stock. The crazy part is, it looked like no one was interested in the Wii as they were fully stocked.

The numbers from this holiday season should be fun to watch!

jessupj2858d ago

Last time I bought a game in an actual store was more than 2 years. I rent by mail and I only buy online. Why spend $120 instore when I can buy the same game online for $60. It's takes another week to get to me but it's a no brainer

HolyOrangeCows2858d ago

"But I haven’t stepped into a bricks-and-mortar game store in months"

Just because this guy is a shut in, doesn't mean the outside world disappeared. He should drive by some of the retail stores around here, lines jetting out the door at every new release.

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BlackTar1872859d ago

yea unless they find a way to give me cheaper prices with 10-20 credits then amazon will always get my business.

Letros2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

PC, yes
Consoles, no

TANUKI2859d ago

It's quite true. Most of the game stores around my area, have reduced their PC games to just ONE table-shelf thing. For console games, you get at least 4-6 walls full.

It really sucks, b/c I primarily game on PC (PS3 close second...).

visualb2859d ago


the day downloading a 20+ Gb game onto your console is a piece of cake things might change.

I still like having the case, the booklet, etc though =)

Raoh2858d ago

pretty much.. i'm buying my ps3 exclusives but i'm buying everything that else via steam for my pc

LarVanian2859d ago

Is retail dead? Obviously not. Most people buy their consoles and games from retail shops. Not everyone has internet to buy goods from places such as Amazon, Play or Ebay and I know a good few people who don't feel safe buying things online. Retail is here to stay (At least in my lifetime).

thorstein2859d ago

Christmas... How is Santa supposed to give my kids games ??? I honestly can't imagine them coming down on Xmas morning and getting a note that reads, "Santa Downloaded your Favorite game on the PS3 for you!"

AND, there is something great about having the game in hand. It also makes it more portable and available to be resold. You can't resell digital copies.

Ducky2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

... how short is your lifetime? O.o

The only issue so far is that not everyone is hooked to the net. That can change within half a decade.

Movies are almost on the point of being digitally distributed as well as games on the PC... console games will follow shortly down the same road.
Publishers hate the used game trade, so they'll be keen to thwart out retail too. Cut the middle man.

NeoSprtacus2859d ago


Amazon delivers.

What I used most for Christmas shopping.

Stealth20k2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )


Absolutely not, even on the pc, sales are still higher with retail but more units are sold with dd because its cheaper.

And besides, retail sales have never ever been higher so how is it dying?

Another bullshit article

retail will never die. Its the same reason music,books, movies/dvds are still sold in stores. Games are the same.

Once retail dies, the industry dies. Its a requirement

DD wont be the prominent option (but still only an option) for 25-50 years. Microsoft,nintendo,sony all feel this way.

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