Infinity Ward founders 'refused to work with Treyarch' - Activision

CVG: The full list of accusations included in Activision's revised lawsuit against EA and fired Infinity Ward heads has emerged - and it's both shocking and entertaining.

The Call of Duty publisher - which has brought EA into its $400m lawsuit - makes fresh claims against ex-Infinity Ward bosses Jason West and Vince Zampella, who were famously 'stormed' out of Infinity Ward's offices by Activision security.

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Urmomlol2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

I honestly have no clue how Activision's PR people work. Do they just huff glue, smash their heads against the window and then decide to do the first thing that comes to mind?

How on Earth do they imagine getting into a war with EA is good for their image? The world already thinks they're Satan's best buddy --dragging two, hard working individuals through the mud does absolutely nothing to help their cause.

No one trusts Activision. They've spent the last five years screwing over games in every single way imaginable and now their word is absolutely meaningless. The only way I'd ever believe them is if Kotick confessed he was the anti-christ, and even then I'd have to see his collection of devoured fetuses before I begrudgingly admit that they're not lying through their teeth for the first time in years.

Even if they're telling the truth in this case (which I sincerely, sincerely doubt), there's no way they'll be able to make themselves look like the victims in this absurd lawsuit.

Acquiescence2909d ago

It's a sad state of affairs but the sales of COD give Activision free rein to spout whatever bullshit they want. The monies will always keep flowing in regardless.

Yi-Long2909d ago

Bobby and Activision are the cancer of the videogameindustry!

Spending money on their titles will only make that tumor bigger and worse! So don't buy any DLC, and try not to buy any of their games, or at least buy them 2nd hand!

InTheKnow2909d ago

The " cancer " is EA and their " lets start charging them for demo's " BS or the give me all your personal information and your e-mail address to play their games crap. Lets not forget attempting to stop used game sales with there dumb policies and DLC.

Activision is right on the money with this...EA absolutely inter-feared with Infinity Ward ( they worked together previously ) and Infinity ward thought they owned the COD franchise ( lol ) and they wanted to walk away with it...good luck. I hope Activision crushes them...EA gets slapped with a massive fine and Respawn can't make a shooter for 5 years.

" IF " Activision has proof of EA's shenanigans like E-mail correspondence and the 50 or so Infinity Ward employee's that are still there, EA will go down in flames.

barom2909d ago

I think its funny that it's quite evident how big of assholes the founders of Infinity Ward and yet all I hear so far is how Activision cannot be trusted? How about just looking at the evidence and decide from there? Instead of just judging the company from their history. I mean it's cool to do that too if you don't have anything else to go on, but you do in this case.

Treyarch deserves some more respect and ex-Infinity Ward deserves much less.

RedDragan2909d ago


The evidence that Activision essentially forgot to put in the original prosecution case?

Sounds like Activision are winging it to me, nobody forgets stuff like this. Especially not a company, unless it didn't actually happen.

barom2909d ago


So you're dismissing the evidence just because it came late? Are you gonna say the Earth is flat, just cause it wasn't proven to be round for the longest time? Sounds like you're just trying to find reasons to hate.

RedDragan2909d ago


This is not the kind of evidence that turns up late. This is now something that Activision is saying was clear from the beginning.... but ofcourse, they only want to disclose it now.

As I said, they are winging it.

Elven62909d ago

Funny how the matter is still in courts and people have already made up their minds about who is automatically right. Activision could be the victims here, or it could also be West/Zampella. Having a full fledged studio provided by EA mere days after being fired could be seen as suspicious, so could witholding bonuses. This can go either way.

The Justice system is great, isn't it?

That being said, Black Ops isn't that good but World at War was pretty good. It would be pretty immature of them to try to sabotage the game like that, especially when it was really pushing the series forward in terms of milestones.

Yi-Long: Companies aren't here to be your friend dude, unless you enjoy the concept of multiplayer passes, having to authorize your game with an external service to receive DLC, lack of DLC support for really popular titles (1943 anyone?), etc.

RedDragan: So because it's late it's automatically false? Activision launched an investigation shortly after all these lawsuits were filed. If they have things like text messages between West and other employees, you can bet all of this came to light in the investigation.

UnwanteDreamz2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )


You are mistaken. I don't want to come off as Mr. Knowitall but you need to look up the word accusation and then explain to me how an accusation is evidence.

The burden of proof is on the accuser not the accused in this situation so Activision will need to prove it's claims before they become evidence. I am glad you are not a judge.

\ "If they have things like text messages between West and other employees, you can bet all of this came to light in the investigation."

True but there is no guarantee that those texts will be admissible. What is evidence and what isn't still hasn't been decided.

barom2909d ago


The text messages are the evidence. It doesn't get more straightforward than that. I'm glad you do not consider yourself Mr. Knowitall because obviously you don't even know what you think you know.

Elven62909d ago

UnwanteDreamz: If they are legitimate, I don't see why they would discount them at all. I assume they must have been sent from company phones, that's probably how Activision got them? They also discredit what West said about the trailer incident (at least, I think that's West's statement in the post?) with the messages.

At the end it's like this, Call of Duty wouldn't have sold nearly as well without the two being together. Activision promotes the hell out of the games making them break records at each release. The devs put together a product that seems to have a huge market.

Orange2909d ago


"This is not the kind of evidence that turns up late."

You really don't know what you're talking about. Take it from a lawyer.

NickIni2909d ago

Erm...what an Earth is the case here :| What are activision trying to accuse them of? Wow, you really can get sued on a whim in the US

RememberThe3572908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

@InTheKnow, barom, Elven6

How is it that a developer is supposed to be OK with a publisher taking their beloved IP from them? Call of Duty was to be IW's baby. Once Activision stuck their noses into the IP IW had to be offended. I remember a story about how IW called COD4, COD3 internally because they didn't see COD3 as a real COD game.

Sure the IP is owned by Activision and they can do what they want with it, but that doesn't mean the IW has to be OK with that. IW has as much right to be pissed as Activision does to make as many COD games as they want.

Treyarch, is an average developer at best. All they've done to get support of fans is tweak what IW created. And I gaurantee Respawns game is going to shit on everything that Treyarch has created. Hell I didn't even like MW2 and I still think it's a better game than BO.

NickIni: The founders of IW breached their contract when they went into secret talks with EA. The problem is that Activision was withholding royalties for the IW staff, which may have been a violation of contract itself. We know basically nothing though so we'll have to wait to the trail to start to get a clearer glimpse into the drama.

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TroyAndAbed2909d ago

Revelation 13 goes into pretty intricate detail about the Anti-Christ...stating that a good majority of the public will love him.

Oh, Bobby...

What went so wrong during your childhood?

FragGen2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

"honestly have no clue how Activision's PR people work. Do they just huff glue, smash their heads against the window and then decide to do the first thing that comes to mind?

How on Earth do they imagine getting into a war with EA is good for their image? "

MORON. If you took even half a second to read anything past the headline you'd realize this is part of their lawsuit with Infinity Ward. It's NOT a PR campaign for the company. It's a f*cking lawsuit. They happen between big companies all the time. It's the goofy bloggers/N4G turning it into a "news" story not a press release.

Activision may be evil but they're not stupid.

Urmomlol2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

What, and law suits aren't seen by the public? Is that right?

EVERYTHING is PR. If the public reads about it, it's PR. If the public hears something about it and formulates an opinion based on your company's actions, that's PR.

Or did you forget that one half of a PR person's responsibility is crisis management and damage control? As in, not letting their client do something retarded so they have to scramble to cover their asses or donate a billion dollars to some charity to make the public forget that the CEO of their company is an idiot who goes around throwing around potentially libelous claims in a vindictive effort to seek revenge against those who had the nerve to cross them. Because that's exactly what this law suit sounds like.

Are you honestly that slow that you couldn't put that together through common sense?

MMFGaming2909d ago

This is EA's response which seems to back up what urmomlol is saying:

""This is a PR play filled with pettiness and deliberate misdirection," EA's head of communications Jeff Brown told Kotaku. "Activision wants to hide the fact that they have no credible response to the claim of two artists who were fired and now just want to get paid for their work."

Like he said, everything is PR.

KotC2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

Activision, EA, UBI, MS, Sony, Nintendo, THQ, Konami or anyone else are all evil. Their just drug pushers pushing games to addicted gamers. I don't love or like any one of them, I just like the games they make.

Snakefist302908d ago

U forget M$ the BIGGEST Evil of them all.THE MASTERMIND OF EVIL!

socomnick2909d ago

reason they did not work with treyarch is because treyarch is full of mediocre devs.

Although I will say, the theater mode is awesome, most robust theater mode in any game yet, even better than halo reach's.

HSx92909d ago

you would think if a game earned $1 billion the developers would make incredible flexible servers.

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TroyAndAbed2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )


You don't see Steven Spielberg producing an Uwe Boll film.

Edit: I stand corrected. Somebody obviously thinks Spielberg and Boll have been a dynamic duo in the past. Then again, even Spielberg's producing couldn't save The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull...

Acquiescence2909d ago

Spielberg directed that POS. Wasn't it Lucas who produced it?

trainsinrdr2909d ago

Thats like a 70 year old man raping a woman and then that mans son asks the woman to marry him

The Meerkat2909d ago

As we say in Scotland
"Nae need fir that"

The Meerkat2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

Its spelt AYE.

Get it right or a'll be sendin roon the big man ti sort ye oot.

hatchimatchi2909d ago


+bubbles to the above 4 posters

Jellzy2909d ago

Its spelt AYE.

Get it right or a'll be sendin roon the big man ti sort ye oot...

Ya wee eejit!


DragonKnight2909d ago

Agreed with hatchimatchi. +bubbles for making me LMAO!!

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Call_me_Ishmael2909d ago

i wouldnt help them either just for the sole reason they belong to activision,the company was to stingy to pay them but now they expect them to help???

Baka-akaB2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

Why should they work with a bunch of scrubs who can't even run properly a tweaked quake 3 engine with 90% of the technical work already done for them ? And riding on their coat tail .

Granted they arent without reproach , but you gotta remember that back then most studios signed blindly their ips and creations to publishers' ownership .

But in the end they most likely never expected a B list team , that they dont even get along with , to string along once every two years .

Heck , they'd have been incredibly stupid to help and train those guys . it's obvious that , even if IW stayed loyal to activision , at some point they would have kicked one of the two teams .

And guess who ? the most expensive one . Then Treyarch would become the cod figure head , and help another younger team later down the road .

TroyAndAbed2909d ago

They don't want no scrubs...

evrfighter2909d ago

they're chasing waterfalls.

frostypants2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

Based on BO vs. MW2, I'd say IW are the b-listers now.

Sorry, but MW2 is clearly inferior. IW got way off track with that one. Over a year now and they STILL haven't fixed the quickscoping glitch.

Elven62909d ago

Treyarch has gone down hill in terms of COD with Black Ops but World at War and 3 are much better examples. There were some truly jaw dropping visual moments in World at War. The WaW engine even had co-op mode! Treyarch made some great tweaks to that engine and were under a tighter leash, not just with Activision in terms of a schedule but the fans too.

Call of Duty 3 pushed the series forward by having a legitimate story line that was somewhat more mature than the ones before it. The game had a better multiplayer system and excellent post release support. They made all these fantastic additions but the fans acted like the ruined the franchise...until IW basically did the same thing with 4 that is.

frostypants2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

Indeed. Everyone seems to ignore how much IW copied from Treyarch, but jump all over Treyarch for doing the same. Why? Just because IW originated the series/IP? Treyarch is every bit as responsible for the current popularity of CoD as IW is.

I disagree with your first assertion, though. I love BO. I think the online is amongst the best in the series.

I also think BO is far more faithful to traditional CoD online gameplay than MW2 or even CoD 4 were. Well, aside from the explosive RC cars...

Trroy2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )


"Treyarch is every bit as responsible for the current popularity of CoD as IW is"

You have GOT to be joking. CoD3 was a disaster, CoD:WW was, at best, "filler" between CoD4:MW and CoD:MW2, and Black Ops, although it finally has a decent SP game, is a MP disaster. On top of that, Treyarch uses the IW engine -- i.e. they leverage the work of IW to do just about everything.

Treyarch has done nothing but ride the coat-tails of IW since CoD2. IMO, Black Ops is their first decent effort, and its their 3rd try!