Greywardens: We've played Dragon Age 2! Our Hands-On Preview

‘Tis the season to be jolly, or at least the right time to make a decent attempt at looking jolly, around a table full of relatives. You know what I mean. Auntie Fran talks too much, Grandpa Joe drinks too much, your know-it-all, boring sibling somehow arrived for Christmas dinner with the smartest, sexiest date in the history of holidays. It’s maddening.

What in Thedas am I talking about? Last week I visited BioWare and experienced this clever studio’s groundbreaking take on “family”, thanks to five hours with the game. As this visit was representing PC Powerplay and Hyper magazines, I’ll simply be discussing these two aspects of the game here; family and the rivalry dynamic.

By Meghann O'Neill

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WildArmed2857d ago

I r very jealous you gots to play DA2 :(
My most anticipated games of '10.

This game gets me all giggidy inside to no bounds.

I never was a fan of these types of RPGs, but DA:O converted me.
The story blew me away.. and the choices..
<3 DA