Square Enix Reveal Play Arts Kai Halo: Reach Figures

In July 2010 Square Enix announced that their Play Arts Kai range of Halo: Reach figures would be released later in the year. With an incredible amount of detail and articulation, these were set to be the new high end figures and “must have” for any Halo fan and collector. The figures will be coming in two waves, with Volume 1 featuring Noble Six, Emile and Jun and Volume 2 featuring Carter, Kat and Jorge – the remaining three characters of the Noble team which is due to be released next year.

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kevco332855d ago

Cool? Yes. Over-priced? HELL YES.

Shadow_DR22855d ago

Nice...Very very nice. Love the detail they put into them. Will have to save some money for at least one.

Ratchet5102855d ago

Finally some halo characters look cool, but thats why Enix made it.

jc485732855d ago

you guys should check out the Snake's line up from Play Arts. Looks just like the game.

awiseman2855d ago

sure, but r u trying to say that the halo ones hshown here are not realistic?

jc485732855d ago


look at all products made my play arts and make your own judgement.

BloodyCHAMP2855d ago

how much are these??? what is 49 95 uk translated to american???

RockmanII72855d ago

I'm pretty sure that translates to $75, though they would probably lower the price slightly for US.

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