Buser: 'Killer Apps' Will Drive PlayStation Home Adoption

What's going to drive further adoption of Home, according to PlayStation Home director Jack Buser, is gamer appeal. Bringing in more games, making relationships with more developers and embracing emerging online business models is the future of the platform.

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4cough2856d ago

Home, The unmitigated disaster of gaming.

TroyAndAbed2856d ago

Tell that to the millions of people playing it right now...

Armyntt2856d ago

yea i wouldnt say disaster. Although i havent been in there in like 2 years,seriously. Its free and thats the only good point. All i remember was people saying it was going to be a "gamechanger". So flop i would say yea but disaster no. To each his own though.

ComboBreaker2855d ago

In fact, it's a success. It's actually making Sony a lot of money. And regular users of Home are happy with it.

Godmars2902855d ago

That has more active accounts than XBL, which considering the 360 has/had a larger install base than the PS3, makes XBL more of a disaster by whatever logic you're using.

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TroyAndAbed2856d ago

They've improved it week after week. I think my biggest problem is that it's just not open enough. Let's get some unrealistic things in there. Second Life had flying and segways. That's so FUN! Can we please do that?!?

I honestly don't think they'll be able to make it an open world until the PS4 comes out though. Anyone who plays Second Life knows it runs extremely slow. (It's totally worth it though. I love Second Life.)

YourFlyness2856d ago

They need to make Home the new XMB!!

Make your personal space OFFLINE so loading WILL NOT be an issue.

Have a Radio in you space for the music, a TV for video, a PS3 for games, computer for friends (or maybe a hotkey like square),a closet for settings and etc. When you want to explore the online portion of home walk out the front door, and thats where the current verison of Home will load.

I like the simplicity of the XMB also but doing this will really push Home


^that is what sony should do,xmb IS home,bubbles

i think sony will do that for ps4but it has to major quick in accessing everything no lag.

i really hope sony get to read your comment lol

YourFlyness2856d ago

I actually post this on the Home forums about a year ago and got slam by the community. The keep complaing about load times (at that time Home loading suck, much better now). They just couldnt seem to read or understand where I keep saying make the personal space offline off your HDD and use the front door to access the online portion.

TheMART2856d ago

Lol stop pulling on this dead horse, its out since what 2008 and they kept saying it'll be the centre of gaming while it clearly isn't. Everyone I speak to with a PS3 hasn't visited it at all or not in a long time.

And it was announced in spring 2007 or something. Fail project is fail

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