Now the Kinect hacks are getting awesome

Following video shows a very impressive kinect hack on a Transcreen.

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ChristianGamer2860d ago

Kinect has just gotten a life of its own with all these hacks and it coming to pc. I don't remember this much being done with the other web cam, since kinect is constantly being compared to it.

Mystogan2859d ago

Whats so impressive about this?
Its just a Transcreen :S

Keith Olbermann2859d ago

They have to find something to do with it...cant game with it...not really.

Christopher2859d ago

Gotta admit, this is one of the less noteworthy hacks out there. It's just the IR feedback (all the little points you see are the IR beams) being shown on a transcreen. More of a transcreen hack than anything else.

ManGastaS2859d ago

I already can imagine this hack in a DISCO with a girl dacing in some room and the dance floor screen showing this!

fr0sty2859d ago

agreed, the screen is way more impressive than the "hack". all it's doing is displaying what kinect sees on a transparent screen (and they connected the top of the head to the arms/shoulders with lines... the only difference).

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AAACE52859d ago

The good thing about Kinect being hacked is that the ideas that come from the PC hacks will open up a whole new world of gaming on both platforms, because developers might get introduced to new ideas they didn't think of yet!

kinf-of-zon2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

This looks like eye crate,I know that this is different but the guy is messing around with the depth sensor to augment his surrounding and have fun.
@ 2:31

Blaze9292859d ago

awesome! Can't wait to see the EyeToy/PS Eye version of this!...oh wait....

fr0sty2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

if you did that there might be lag... oh wait...

besides, we've already seen eye put wireframe models over your body (the head tracking demos where it super imposes a model of a helmet or optimus prime's head onto your body, for instance). then you just need to put it on a transparent screen and you have the same damn thing you see here.

kinf-of-zon2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Someone on here said ps eye had something similar to what this guy is doing.
@ 3:50

Biggest2859d ago

Version of what? You should just go ahead and play what ever game it is you're excited about.

Kaneda2859d ago

There are more hacks on Kinect then games..

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wwm0nkey2860d ago

Kinect hacks just keep getting better and better :D

(also no one bring up games please this is just talking about the hacks for PC)

oguzsasi2859d ago

So what is this device? A gaming device or a hacking tool?

Mike134nl2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

It's a gaming input device. And because of the novelty of it hackers find it interesting fun or whatever too develop hacking tools too see in what kind of ways kinect can be used.

In this case transcreen is being used displaying the processing image of the imagery received from the infrared camera. Besides looking cool there are more interesting hacks out there.

Ducky2859d ago

... I don't think you'd hack a hacking tool.

Bnet3432859d ago

Are you talking about Kinect or the PSP? >:)

Simco8762859d ago

Hey we can play with a 3D camera!

2859d ago
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