Mass Effect 2 PS3 Vs 360 Screenshot Comparison

NowGamer: The Mass Effect 2 demo has hit PSN, and we've stacked them up side by side to see which version of the game boasts the best visuals....

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Balt 2857d ago

Someone has to be ashamed of themselves for lying openly to these sites about the Ps3 version being superior. I mean, it's almost like they didn't think people would find out until "AFTER" they had bought the PS3 version. Pretty lame move.

AndrewRyan2856d ago

Why do we even have to articles. The PS3 version is coming out a year later, it's common sense it will look better why do we need to compare knowing it will already be better?

RedDevils2856d ago

cause if the 360 turn to be better, then the fanboy will have something to brag about

Dante1122857d ago

From article

"These 720p, raw screenshots, taken from the PS3 Mass Effect 2 demo and the Xbox 360 retail code, show that there are little or no differences between the versions. But hey, don’t let us tell you what’s what, click on the screens and make up your own minds."

Some sites are saying PS3 version is superior, others inferior to (360), others the same.

Koolno2857d ago

"Some sites are saying PS3 version is superior, others inferior to (360), others the same"

Superior or equal, even theh most biased lens of truth can't say "inferior" this time (they do, like all the fanboys, when the games are the same)

gamesmaster2857d ago

you guys realise demos use differant texture compression methods to reduce file size for demo builds.

The sites saying the PS3 version is superior actually have the game in thier hands, this site just has the demo...

mrcash2857d ago

Just played the demo last night, it looks the same from what i can see, maybe a little better but not worst than the xbox version.

StanLee2856d ago

Who cares?! Really, why is it important to compare them? The PS3 version is being released a year later and should show a marked improvement.

Pixel_Enemy2856d ago

I don't really see much difference. The only thing I noticed is that the lighting is different on the PS3 version in some areas. These two screens here can prove it.


If you look in the BOTTOM RIGHT corner the PS3 version has accent lighting on his armor that isn't in the 360 version. But things like this would never be noticed if you didn't have side by side comparisons like these..

Chubear2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

The media are misleading you guys about ME on the PS3 and are not giving you the true story about what's happening.

They are not journalists but bottle feeders for gamin PR groups.

ME1&2 WERE going to be on the PS3 as of last year. Something happened and ME1 was pulled. This BS they've feed you about MS owing publishing rights is a farce and they use it to mislead and misinform you.

Publishing rights have nothing to do with owning an IP. What exclusive publishing rights means for MS in this case is, no other company can publish ME ON THE 360.

That does not stop anyone like EA publishing the IP on any other platform. Last year, ME1&2 with bonus content was coming to the PS3 on one blu-ray disc and some deal was made to keep ME1 and the bonus content off the PS3.

The gaming media that call themselves journalists should be looking for the story and breaking the details to you but instead they are part of the deceit (IGN)

Ask yourself, why on earth should a PS3 gamer go out to buy ME2 for $60 when anyone who hasn't played the game and has a 360 can go out, buy this YEAR OLD game and it's DLC for a bit less than $60 and there isn't really a significant improvement on the quality from the 360 version from a year ago?

PS3 gamers, do not support this kind of treatment. ME2 is on the PS3 regardless so you can play it at any time but do not put aside other games that have tried to do right by PS3 gamers like LBP2 or DS2 for this crap EA & MS are pulling.

The truth is not being told to you.

No Way2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

And, what makes you think I would trust you?
A one bubbled fanboy.. Please, flatter me, Chubear.

Go on, I'll wait.

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MarcusFenixITA2857d ago

We should wait for the final release of ME2 on PS3. These Comparison leading nowhere.

Imalwaysright2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

For all we know the demo could be from an earlier build of the game.

SMOK3xFFx2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

From what I saw in the IGN comparisson PS3 had the edge but from what I see in this comparison 360 does. What the hell is going on?

For once though, I do hope the PS3 version looks better, the ME3 engine shouldn't look worse then the ME2 one.

lex-10202856d ago

Demos use texture compression and detail compression to make the game within specific sizes. The ME2 demo was 2.3 gigs. That was pushing it already. The more gigs the demo the less likely someone is to download it. The ME2 Demo was most likely a direct port of the Xbox or it was significantly compressed to fit size. The Final version of the game will probably look 10x better than the Demo. After all lets looks at The God of War 3 demo. The Demo looked like something from the PS2 but the final game was amazing. I think the ME2 demo and final game will be much the same.

acky12857d ago

I think LoT have been exposed as the lying party. IGN and Bioware are adamant the ps3 is better and have proven it with videos. LoT are well known Microsoft fanboys.
Sony 'til I die

SMOK3xFFx2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )


They must be paid my Microsoft amiright?

Koolno2857d ago

Biased mags and blogs are not all paid by ms, the worst dumb fanboyz do it free...and they can open a website/blog, like any other real gamer.

testerg352856d ago

So let me guess... IGN is no longer biased or are ms fanbots.. well atleast for now. Gotta love PS3 fans mentality.

LOL "Sony 'til I die".

NewZealander2856d ago

i don't think LoT are fan boys, i think they do a very good job actually, they are the main source i use when buying multiplat games, and ive never been disappointed, a lot of people call them fan boys because more 360 multiplats win on there site.

at the end of the day even if mass effect 2 on ps3 is running on mass effect 3 engine, isn't that just the unreal engine with what ever tweaks they added? i don't think the third game is going to be a huge leap over the second, but its a fantastic game and great that ps3 owners get the chance to play it.

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Rainstorm812857d ago

Multiplat comparisons are so dumb...........SMH

Blaze9292856d ago

Not if you're a multiplayform owner. Don't you want to playbthe best version of any game you buy? This is more for multiplatform owners than it is fanboys.

nycredude2856d ago

You do realize that this game has been available on the 360 and pc for a year right Blaze? If you haven't played it yet then why would you all of a sudden want to after Ps3 gets it. Comparisons of this are only for fanboys.

mastiffchild2856d ago

Unless the differences are game breaking or massively easy to notice without the games running side by side then I see NO reason for these comparison sites. Why , unless the differences outwiegh things for multiplat gamers like controller preference or whether they l9oike or dislike paying for Live or where their mates will be playing it why even mention the kind of tiny BS LoT or DF do?

The multiplat is 99% of the time only aiming for parity rather than the best looking/running game possible on each platform so they don't even have any bearing on which console is strongest. Waste of time unless you want pointless fanboy ammo in 99% of cases. Maybe Bayonetta and definitely TOB but beyond them most games needed sodding screen tear programs and the like to find differences you'd never see yourself.

Now we compare demo footage with a finished game? WTF? They'll look about the same and that's that.Christ, the differences have only ONCE been big enough to change this gamers console/controller of choice this gen.

poopface12856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

when a new game is released I like to know the differences before I buy one. I like to get the better version whenever possible. But this is a game that came out a year ago almost, so I see your point on this particular comparison.

But this game is using the ME3 engine and is coming out a year later, it should look a little better. But I already have ME1 and 2 on 360, so Ill get me3 on it too.

BUt it doesnt matter, this is a great game. And anyone who wanted to play it and only has a ps3 can now. It is worth 60$ for sure, especially with all the DLC.

I dont get the people saying its not worth 60$ because the 360/pc version are cheaper now. Its an excellent new game for PS3 owners, and for 60$ they get more content then I did when I bouth it back in Jan.

this game is great, and the DLC it comes with is excellent too.

NinjaAssassin2856d ago

Well I wanted to know how this version performed because I wanted to know whether I should sell my copy of ME2 for the 360 and buy ME2 and ME3 for the PS3.

Anon19742856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Yeah, I don't agree with people that claim it's not worth $60 because it's now cheaper on a 360. If I don't own a 360 already then it's going to cost at least $200 to get a 360 plus the cost of the game. Why wouldn't I just buy the superior version with all the DLC for $60 on the PS3 if that's the console I happen to have.

And you can't tell me the 360 version is somehow better. I watched the comparisons video on Eurogamer and without a doubt the PS3 version is graphically superior, on one disk, with all the DLC. If you thought ME2 was good on the 360 when it came out, you're just a hypocrite for saying the same game with graphical improvements and all the DLC on one disk isn't worth buying now.
A great game is a great game, no matter what console it's on.

Rainstorm812856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

@ blaze

Yea im a multiplatfor owner and ive beaten ME2 about 2 times..... Check out my acheivements on me2 **gamertag -Rainstorm81** Ive also bought all the DLC so im far from a fanboy......

as nycredude said if you own multiple consoles and now you are considering ME2....something is wrong

multiplat comparisons are dumb in my eyes .....especially when the release window is so far apart.

The thing that irritates me is no one bothers to compare exclusives the real watermark for a console's capabilities..... oh well..... gaming journalists at thier finest i guess.... Sparking fanboy wars since this gen began

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Traveler2857d ago

Guys it's not that big of a deal. Nothing I have seen so far is that drastic. Slight differences here or there that won't have much impact on the overall experience. The only thing that could possibly be that different is how it performs and we wont know that until some proper analysis is done on both retail copies.

To me though they just look different. I can't really say one looks better than the other.

r1sh122857d ago

I dont understand why people go up in arms with comparison screen shots at certain revolutions.
It should be compared by video, that way we can see frame drops etc...
Screen shot comparisons never, I capture lots of gaming footage and capturing a screen shot is a load of BS

kane_13712856d ago

let alone that i have several times noticed that comparison shots, or generally screen shots don't show all the power.

callahan092857d ago

I honestly can't tell the difference. If you placed these screen shots in front of me without labels, I would have no clue which ones were the PS3 and which are the 360 shots.

Statix2857d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Now this is the way to do an objective, unbiased screenshot comparison: pure 720p, raw screencaps. Unlike that garbage website Lens of Truth that crops and/or down-sizes their screens to little postcards, and then selectively zooms in and emphasizes some areas to force us to think that one version is superior to the other in a certain way. Not to mention they don't specify their methodology, tools, or settings used to capture their screenshots.

For all we know, the Lens of Truth screenshots probably made the PS3 version look so bad because they used "Limited" RGB range settings, and maybe even used component cables or something to capture their PS3 screens. Their PS3 screens look strangely blurry, and for anyone who's played the demo or looked at's screens, the game is RAZER SHARP. No blurriness to speak of, whatsoever.

Shame on Lens of Truth for purposely and misleadingly taking blurry PS3 screenshots.

Masterchef20072856d ago

I completly agree with you. What i always hated about lens of truth is that the increase the contrast to extremely high levels on the PS3 version to make it look worse than the 360. Digital Foundary adjusts TV settings so each games looks as good as possible on screen. Which is why i like their comparisons the best. And i know some people say but i shouldnt have to adjust TV settings. And you dont need 2 but its highly recommended to get the best image possible. Most of the time you can adjust it via video options within the game. When i game with my PS3 i use Standard setting which gives me great image quality. How ever i have a custom setting designed to increase the brightness of a game when i hit extremely dark areas. I use it a lot in demon souls for ex.

saoco2856d ago

it's a demo people, if you all want to compare, wait for the actual release. i could give a damn, what i really like is all of those dlc for free.

MrChow6662856d ago

do you really believe that? sry but retail will be just the same, do you think bioware would remake a 1 year old game for you? its a port to make more money, open your eyes

frostypants2856d ago

The DLC isn't free, they are just forcing you to pay for it.

ME2 plus all DLC costs a little under $60 for other platforms.

MrChow6662856d ago

lol funny bullshots, the 360 version looks nothing like that, check it for yourself instead of blindly believing some crap site

Statix2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

@MrChow666, what are you talking about? I've seen numerous video and screenshot comparisons, and that latter set of screenshots is without a doubt a fair representation of the 360 version.

It's a known fact that Bioware improved the way that characters are lit and the specular lighting on characters for the PS3 version. That's why Jacob looks so dark and flat in the shadows in the 360 version; just watch the IGN comparison video and you'll see it's the 100% truth.

Look at the huge difference in specular/indirect lighting on Sherpard's suit in this screen comparison from NeoGaf:



jack_burt0n2856d ago

look someone has posted a real comparison on neogaf

lol lens of truth are such con artists.

shows exactly what the ign vid shows, the game also runs at a higher avg fps.

Statix2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Xbox fanboys and Lens of Truth = OWNED. But for the same of accuracy and honestness, the author of that thread did not say that the PS3 version runs at a higher average framerate; he said that the PS3 version tears a bit more but appears to run smoother because v-sync is turned off more frequently.


Look at the huge difference in specular/indirect lighting on Sherpard's suit in this screen comparison:



NinjaAssassin2856d ago

You people that act like screenshot comparisons give you the whole story are silly.

FanboyPunisher2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

They know that PS3 fanboys dont understand limitations, H/W and development. They know they are too stupid to think outside their fanboy world.

Thus they need to lie, otherwise fanboys nerd rage for months. I'd lie too, most people on here fall into that fanboy profile; Why would very smart, highly educated game developers stoop to such low levels, when they understand the shit, you guys dont.

Simple as that.


acky12856d ago

FanboyPunisher is just another 360 troll on our ps3 site spreading lies.
Sony 'til I die

tacosRcool2856d ago

I don't understand these comparisons or what anybody has to say. The PS3 version is using the new engine that Mass Effect 3 will be using so that means that the PS3 is far better looking than the 360 version as we all know that The Mass Effect Engine used in the 3rd game is definitely better than the second

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TurismoGTR2857d ago

Don't you guys hate it when people reports your stories? freaking haters!

(Btw.. I didn't submit this story :P)

Feckles2857d ago

Not that we've seen final review code or anything... But the games look nearly identical. A magnifying glass shows that the 360 version has (some) marginally better textures but only very slightly.

Either way Mass Effect 2 is gorgeous looking game on either console.

The PC version however, well that's a different matter....


Statix2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Also, you can clearly tell that the PS3 has some extra lighting effects and better character lighting in the screenshot with the robots, and on the arm of Miranda where she is pointing the gun (the cloth looks more leathery because of the better specular lighting).

4cough2857d ago

Played the Superior console version months ago.

TroyAndAbed2857d ago

Played the superior version in general months ago...

...for $10 cheaper than you did. ;)

imvix2857d ago

Played the superior version for a mere 13usd lol. Steam discounts ftw.

TroyAndAbed2857d ago

Haha. Nice! I just bought iFluid on there today for $2.49!!! It's awesome!

I love Steam!

thereapersson2857d ago

I'm going to love playing Mass Effect 2 on one disc, with all the DLC included for free. Free isn't something you 360 trolls are used to, is it?

-MD-2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Playing games a year later than everyone else is something you're used too though right?

Also you act as if getting off your ass for 2 seconds to swap a disc is too difficult. Then again it probably is too difficult for you.

thereapersson2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Also, I have a perfectly capable gaming PC, so should I choose, I won't miss out on ANY gaming experiences.

PS3: Quality exclusives, free network gaming service
PC: Superior technology, free online / multiplayer gaming

So then where does that leave the 360 in my equation?

Though, funny how you responded to my rebuttal of 4Cough's completely unnecessary fanboyism with a knee-jerk attack of your own, completely ignoring his own trolling in the process...

DigitalAnalog2857d ago

Actually, we do enjoy swapping discs.

When we change games that is.

-End of Line

Traveler2857d ago

Wow, some people are so lazy. I am all for getting the PS3 version, but making a big deal about switching a disc is really pathetic in my opinion.

Dorwrath2857d ago

Well not to burst your bubble but most PC & 360 users can port their M1 characters over to M2 with out some lame interactive comic.

Just because the PS3 version may come on one disk, doesn't necessarily make it the better version. Hence the reason I won't buy it for the PS3.

Stop calling people trolls when you blatantly act like one yourself.

TheDivine2856d ago

Idk dude im not the person paying 60 bucks for a year old port that i can buy for 10-15 dollars. I can acually experience the whole trilogy, you will miss out on 99 percent of what happened in mass effect. Lost Odyssey=4 disks baby!! Best jrpg of the gen so i will gladly change disks sucker!!! Just be glad you get to experience this masterpiece, even if later. Im glad ps3 folk get to play it, you though, not so much.

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Feckles2857d ago

By the way, denial doesn't make it so.