Unreal Tournament 3 exclusivity not in doubt, No date for Xbox 360 version

Epic's Mark Rein has clarified rumours regarding Unreal Tournament 3's release date on PlayStation 3.

"The PS3 console exclusivity is not in doubt. We are shipping the game on the PS3 well before the Xbox 360 version ships," Rein told "That's the version we are working on right now. We do not have a date for the Xbox 360 version."

"Nothing has changed at this point," Rein said. "We're working toward a November release."

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MK_Red4792d ago

I'm still debating which version to get. PC or console. I've always played UT on PC but this time I don't think my system can handle it. Hope console versions are as fast as PC one.
Epic FTW!

LeonSKennedy4Life4792d ago

I'm getting the PS3 version because LAG isn't really a word in the PS3's dictionary. I'd much rather have the security of console online gaming.

The PC version runs faster than the console versions because of the precision of a mouse and keyboard. That doesn't mean the console versions are inferior. That just means EPIC is smarter than your typical game developing studio. I'll stick with my sixaxis, mainly because of the support for tilt on the hoverboards. THAT'S GONNA FREAKIN' ROCK!!!

There ya go.

Synex4792d ago

You can use a mouse and keyboard with the PS3 version, right? Or did this change?

CaptainMeatwad4792d ago

Yeah PS3 version supports mouse/keyboard, with the option to select kb/m only, sixaxis only, or both for online servers

gonna be awesome :)

xaphanze4792d ago

Get the console version. Support ps3.

MK_Red4792d ago

If the PC version's requirements indeed exceed my system's specs then I have to get the PS3 one since I can't wait for UT till 2008.

leon764791d ago


MaximusPrime4792d ago

UT3 will remain exclusive to PS3. (remember it was announced at E3, same as MGS4 exclusivity)

BloodySinner4792d ago

It's timed. The Xbox 360 version will follow sometime in Q1 2008.

DrRage774792d ago (Edited 4792d ago )

seriously, did you NOT BOTHER to read the article???


"The PS3 console exclusivity is not in doubt. We are shipping the game on the PS3 well before the Xbox 360 version ships," Rein told "That's the version we are working on right now. We do not have a date for the Xbox 360 version."

Mark Rein HIMSELF specifically said that currently they are working on the ps3 version, and that they do not have a release date scheduled for the 360 version....yeah, that really sounds like it is a ps3 the ps3 only has exclusivity for THIS HOLIDAY season....the 360 version will be released in 2008

EDIT: seriously, how does someone disgree with my comment when i copied and pasted the EXACT WORDS of Mark Rein??? my goodness, some people on here are such tools and they prove it over and over again lol

Xi4792d ago

all he did was quote the article.

do some people just disagree with someone because they can?

kewlkat0074792d ago (Edited 4792d ago )

read, you know that.

It says it right thurr...but "ignorance" still prevails.

UT3, is Timed Exclusive. We just don't know how soon after the PS3, the xbox 360 will get their fare share of this FRAG FEST. (Halo 3 and probably Lost Odyssey will keep me busy).

Hey take you time EPIC, make sure we get a clean, less buggy and extra sh!t in the game, since he PS3 will be the Guinea Pig. It has been the other way around when a project have started on the Xbox360.

BloodySinner4792d ago

I guess so. You know, if there was an option the view users who disagreed for nothing, there would be less cowards clicking it.

Xi4792d ago

Yeah I disagree with people, but at least when I do I offer up a decent explanation.

MaximusPrime4792d ago

i was going to correct it to timed exclusive but my work computer disconnected me from the internet.

I remembered that it would be timed exclusive.

Call me fanboy if you want, this is the second negative comment i made today. Before that, i rarely makes negative comments.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4792d ago

That's when the PS3 really needs it.

xaphanze4792d ago

I posted this as a comment on the other news and people still disagreed. Did you guys forget the agreement between Sony and Epic?

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