Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam Expansion Review: Peace, Love and Napalm


"We live in a day and age of such instant gratification that expansion packs are slowly becoming obsolete, being replaced with fast-access DLC and add-ons via microtransactions.

An attribution to the decline of the expansion pack is our advances in broadband; at this point in time, most people can connect to the internet and download what they need, compared to five years ago.

But that was no obstacle for DICE, because they’ve set out to conquer the shooter world yet again with a $15 downloadable title that’s sure to keep you busy for an unnecessarily long time.
Welcome to Nam

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this expansion to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 takes place in Vietnam during the infamous Vietnam War. Very few games have dared to venture into this dark period of history, partly due to the fact that it simply is very difficult to do a game based on the conflict.

Call of Duty: Black Ops had a brief foray into the war, but the result was a mediocre cluster of respawning enemies and generic gameplay. That, of course, is not the case in Bad Company 2: Vietnam."

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gaminoz2861d ago rid of my 360 copy and there isn't a single player mode to it. Oh well. Would have been good single player too...

Godem2861d ago

If this had a single player component i would grab it for sure, as I was pretty let down by the Black Ops Vietnam part...

BadCircuit2861d ago

It is very interesting that a game would release a pack like this and not have single player. They must have been time restricted.

gaminoz2861d ago

They obviously had the quality in this to do so, but making it a multi 'shell' is probably faster and easier. Who knows they may do a single player game with it sometime?

Proeliator2861d ago

I can see them actually adding on to this, though, versus 1943, which was just released and then left.

MGRogue20172861d ago

"If only there were a Forrest Gump player model, the game would be perfect."


Sparticus_12861d ago

this expansion is amazing....

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