DamnLag - Best Visuals of 2010

Game of the Year time at DamnLag is kind of hectic. Between the bomb scares and death threats amongst staff, it’s really amazing we get this done at all.

First up is the award for the Best Visuals of 2010. Staff were asked to pick the best looking title of the year.

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LukeWashingTons2855d ago

Final Fantasy XIII with the best visuals of the year? I think not. That game looked no better than half the other AAA titles this year.

ChronoJoe2855d ago

Lol what?

Have you seen the character models? they're clearly the best this year. I'm not going to credit SE and say they made a good game, it's pretty awful, but visually it's pretty phenomenal.

Maybe you were playing it on XBOX though... it does look much worse on 360.

Capt-FuzzyPants2855d ago

What are you talking about those graphics were pretty damn good.

LukeWashingTons2855d ago

"No better than half the other AAA titles this year." That means yes, it looks good, but not better than other good-looking games that came out this year. It doesn't excel above anything.

Xanatos20002855d ago

At first I wasn't with this at all, but the more I think about it nothing looked better than Epic Yarn this year. Everything kinda falls into the same postapocalyptic look.

boogeyman9992855d ago

Epic Yarn gets kudos for making me feel like a little girl

eagle212855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Heck yeah, it's a gorgeous game by ANY consoles standards. Undeniable. :)

I feel so sorry for those who disagree because I know what games that have been made that still look good to this day. Most of these "good looking" HD games (most don't even do 720p) won't look good next gen because they don't have anything special artfully. I know the ones on PS3 and Wii that will virtually stand the test of time and Epic Yarn is one of them.

giantchicken2855d ago

Nobody mentioned Super Mario Galaxy 2?? Preposterous!

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The story is too old to be commented.