GamePro: Kinect vs Move vs Wii - A Buyer's Guide

Nintendo started the controller revolution with its Wii motion controllers, and ever since then, Sony and Microsoft have been playing catch-up. Finally, at the end of 2010, each system now has its own motion control system. So which one should you buy this Christmas?

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RedRedSuitSDF2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Title appropriate for their rankings. ;) Need to get my Move on after taxes come back.

Arup022860d ago

Stick with your classic controller.

CrzyFooL2860d ago

why do I always post under you!! ahhhhhh /cry

evilunklebud2859d ago

Agree with Arup... but I might buy a Kinect for my 6yr old his buddies. If it gets them off the couch for 20-30 min, especially during the winter, then it might be worth it.

I want to see what Killzone 3 Move integration is like as well.

CrzyFooL2860d ago

I haven't seen one of these articles in days!!


fr0sty2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

This article fails miserably.

"An equivalent Move package would cost between $870 and $930 ($300 for a PS3, $288 for four Move controllers, $120 for four Navigation controllers(the Move’s Nunchuck), $40 for a Playstation Eye, and $120 to $180 for three games)."

Um... how about $400 for a PS3, sports champions, a PSeye, and a move controller. Then $150 more for 3 more move controllers, and 4 $30 navigation controllers. A far cry from the $800-900 they claim.

They also fail to mention how the Xbox wants $60 per year to play any of those games online, and another (way overpriced vs. what the competition charges) chunk if you want a hard drive. That said, wii does not have a hard drive either, and both support other forms of storage, but some of those games you are going to be playing are going to be downloadable, so they should have mentioned storage capabilities for each in the comparison.

kb8mvp812860d ago

yeah that stood out to me the most, how biased articles can be. they also failed to mention the $100 bundle(that i purchased)which includes a move controller, sports champions and the playstation eye camera.

room4142860d ago

why are they even comparing kinect which only supports 2 players to a 4 player set-up on the Move

ZeldaForever2860d ago

why are you being such a baby?-.-

HD_GAMER19892859d ago

zelda forever why are you such a bitch that is to pussy to call out people that are full of bs

jneul2860d ago

lol i ignored it, what a bs article

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