Destructoid: Mass Effect 2 for PS3 Interview with Casey Hudson

Just about everyone with an Xbox 360 loved Mass Effect 2. Well, everyone but PS3 owners. Times are a changing and PS3 owners can finally be part of the ever expanding Mass Effect Universe. In Destructoid's chat with Bioware's Casey Hudson they cover how PS3 owners will catch up on Mass Effect 1, they get a little insite on what it was like creating the Mass Effect Franchise, and maybe even get a little taste of what is in store for Mass Effect 3.

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morganfell2859d ago

"Well, everyone but PS3 owners." Really?


thereapersson2859d ago

Okay, Destructoid officially wins the "Stupidest statement of the day" award.

hay2859d ago

Jesus Christ! You're right! I have a PC! I'd never thought I'd have one while I was buying it!

TheDeadMetalhead2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

My PC can't even run Team Fortress 2. ;_;

Also, I'm a PS3 owner and have Mass Effect 2 on 360. He probably meant to say PS3-only owners (then again, lolDestructoid).

fastrez2859d ago

"Everyone but PS3 owners"

I have a PS3 and an Xbox 360 and Mass Effect 2...

This guy is clearly an idiot.

Balt 2859d ago

"just about everyone with an Xbox 360 loved Mass Effect 2. Well, everyone but PS3 owners."

That line makes absolutely no sense. And better yet, it serves no purpose other than to insight hits and controversy.

So, if I owned an xbox 360 and the Ps3 -- Wouldn't that null and void that idiots comment? Gaming puts me off because it's riddled with stupidity from the ones speaking for the industry.

TroyAndAbed2859d ago

I have both Mass Effects on PC. They are great games.

I'll be buying 2 for my PS3 though. :)

TroyAndAbed2859d ago


The interviewer is absolutely terrible!

At least HipHopGamer has actual questions. This was pathetic.

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The story is too old to be commented.