Indie Uprising Review: Soulcaster II (Crush! Frag! Destroy!)

CFD!'s Rob Rich looks at a sequel to a previous XBL Indie release during the Winter Uprising event:

"The original Soulcaster seemed to come out of nowhere. One day Xbox Live was saturated with a bunch of crappy indie “not games,” and the next there was this adventure/tower defense/RPG hybrid making everyone reevaluate what it means to be an indie game on Microsoft’s console. Pretty much everyone loved it, but as with most popular games, they wanted more.

"And here it is. The sequel to the incredibly well-received original. An original that was featured in our very first Indie-Dome, no less. As with the first game, you play the part of a summoner who can’t do much of anything in a fight. And also as before, you get to conjure up the souls of expired warriors to do that which you cannot. So is Soulcaster II a huge step up from the original? Or is it just more of the same?"

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RobsteinOne2858d ago

It's like the first one, which was awesome, only better. Which is more awesome.

Ndigity2858d ago

I may have to check out both, which are apparently awesome.

tigresa2858d ago

It's good but... not good enough to pull me away from some of the more unique indie games worth trying. :(