How Blizzard Is Slowly Killing World of Warcraft's Fanbase "I started playing World of Warcraft sometime during the open beta, and like many others at the time was promptly sucked into one of gaming’s largest multiplayer experiences ever to be created. Like most online games it was a time of exploration, discovery, and general binge gaming."

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Beahmscream2883d ago

I'm ready for the starwars MMO myself.

Letros2883d ago

Yea KOTOR Online looks pretty damn good!

Wenis2883d ago

Everyone is switching to runescape

xX TriiCKy Xx2883d ago

I looked at your comment and then at your name and giggled Wenis.

AndrewRyan2883d ago

Oh shit guys. I have to stop playing WoW or Blizzard is going to kill me! I can't sleep anymore! I have to watch my back! AHHHHH!!

(misinterpret fail)

ATi_Elite2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Well me myself i never got into WoW but I love Eve Online and when I become rich I'm gonna play Entropia Universe.

I don't think Blizzard is killing their fanbase, I just think that after 5 or 6 years of WoW, some people just got other things to do. Most MMO's wish they had 15% of WOW's monthly subscriptions. So WoW is still....WOW!!

Christopher2883d ago

The article really doesn't categorize issues specific to WoW so much as all MMOs. MMOs don't last forever for the general public and they eventually begin to die down. All of the symptoms they mention happen in other MMOs after a few years of existence.

That's why Blizzard is likely a year away from releasing their next MMO, which will start the cycle all over again.

joel_c172882d ago

Ive just gotten onto lotr online. So far its actually really good :) and free!

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Hardedge2883d ago

I'm contemplating going back to WoW...but the thought of starting over again just to play with my friend in another realm is kind of a put down..

mrv3212883d ago

I think Blizzard has a fanbase problem atm also, I mean how much did SC2 bring it? How many monthly subscribers are there to WoW? Maybe 10 million.

I think blizzards share will go to a all new low, especially with a new SC2, continued WoW subs, Diablo III and a new MMO.


Sitris2883d ago

I see what you did there......

Selyah2883d ago

I want to try cataclysm though the game in general is far too easy, leveling is enjoyable only for the experience, but its not challenging in the slightest.

mephman2883d ago

Sounds thoroughly engaging.

Sanrin2883d ago

leveling was never the fun part of WoW really, only something there. Cata leveling however, is pretty awesome. A very different experience, at least aside from outlands/northrend.

soundslike2883d ago

or maybe the game is just really old and you need to move on to something else...

I don't care how deep a game is, eventually, perhaps 8 years of eventually, you are going to be jaded no matter what direction the developers take the game in.

Zuriel2883d ago

This is exactly the problem. WoW players will never realize it, but they are being milked for every cent they are willing to fork over because of an addiction to the same formula. The game can not be radically improved without it becoming or being another (New) game.

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The story is too old to be commented.