GameFront 2010: The Year’s Most Overhyped Games

As we wind down the year, we’ll be making a lot of resolutions we’ll likely not keep. Here’s one we intend to: We resolve not to spend every last cent we have trying convince people that a turd tastes like steak.

2010 had a lot of hit games, but it also saw a lot of money spent on marketing them. That paid off, frequently in staggering amounts, but just as often, we saw companies blow everything to sell a game nobody wanted or at least, nobody loved as much as they’d hoped. Maybe the game tanked, maybe it just sucked, or maybe it was just too overblown to justify the press. Whatever the cause, some games simply failed utterly to live up to their promises. The Jerks.

One can’t truly move on and embrace the future without examining, and skewering, the past. So here you go: GameFront’s staff picks for 2010′s most overhyped games.

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RoboRyan2910d ago

Really enjoyed this article. Even if I'm not in 100% agreement with some of the choices (I liked Heavy Rain!), it was interesting and the writer's made some great points. Glad to see someone else shares my sentiment towards Rock Band.