Nintendo Dominates Pre-Xmas Week Sales writes: "More games were sold for the Wii during the week ending December 18th than any other platform - the console scored almost 30 per cent of the market in unit sales terms last week, putting it just ahead of 360 and with some distance between it and PS3."

"Plus, when you include DS unit sales, Nintendo formats claim almost half the week's software sales."

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eagle212861d ago

I bought at least 6 Nintendo first party games so far Nov./Dec.. Still need one more, getting it tomorrow. Nintendo always pretty much dominate the holdays. :)

Venox20082861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

fragile dreams and sin & punishment 2 & Boy and his blob :)

eagle212861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

I just saw Sin and Punishment 2 for $19.99 amazon (usa). Blob is only $15. :)

Vizion262861d ago

If Nintendo have few big games for Wii next year I think we will not see Zelda Wii and Pikmin 3 until next Christmas. Nintendo will concentrate on 3DS and localize Japanese games to fill in the gaps for the Wii - games such as Last Story, Xenoblade, and Dynamic Slash.

Venox20082861d ago

@eagle21 buy them all! :)

@Vizion26 I don't think they 'll localise Zangeki, because it was a flop in Japan, and ratings were bad too, I think if they 'll ever will releae it, it will be cause of Motion+ ..Last story and Xenoblade is other story :)