Red Dead Redemption joins Games on Demand

Xbox Live Marketplace's Games on Demand has added Red Dead Redemption, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands and Narnia: Prince Caspian at prices one could kindly classify as "outrageous."

Red Dead Redemption is listed at its full boxed retail price of $60. We've confirmed with Rockstar that the digital copy is just the original game and doesn't include any of the DLC. Obviously, we recommend purchasing this through the marketplace like we recommend a rattlesnake bite to the groin. Prince of Persia: TFS and Caspian are priced at $30 apiece (way above their Amazon prices).

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NYC_Gamer2859d ago

60 bucks?thats kind of expensive since its digital

Yi-Long2859d ago

... here in Holland it's 60 euro on On Demand(!!!)

Just crazy stuff. Glad my girlfriend's mother bought me the game in Hong Kong last summer for 25 euro, and it's region-free.

Microsoft are just absolutely nuts with some of their pricing on On Demand. You're way cheaper of just getting the game in the store or through an e-tailer.

morganfell2859d ago

It has no DLC. You can get a physical copy bundled with the John Hillcoat DVD from Amazon for $39.