Koji Igarashi working on new Castlevania for 3DS?

"Koji Igarashi from Castlevania fame has expressed interest in the 3DS and revealed that he's working on several games for it. A certain hint from him at E3 and a new rumor now, suggests that Igarashi-san is working on Castlevania's next portable entry."

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LostWithoutTraces2856d ago

2D Castlevania > 3D Castlevania on any day of the week IMO. Hopefully it'll be a 2D one like Order of Ecclesia and the others, but Ideally we'd get the next MAJOR installment of the franchise on PS3 or Xbox 360. Then again the 3DS is probably powerful enough to make for one pretty 2D game.

cathyokunga2855d ago

What's wrong with Wii? Nunchuck and Wiimote for four years and no Castlevania with whipping motions or a real lightsaber focused Star Wars game.

NecrumSlavery2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

There was Castlevania Judgement for the Wii and it was udder trash.

I think 3D works well. Metroid Prime and Arkham Asylum are two great games that utilize the explorative narration that the 2D CVs had. I personally felt C:LoS was one of the best Castlevania games around. The best 3D Castlevania, and it held it's own to the 2D. The only thing it should of done, was kept the world open instead of cutting it up into chapters. But this was a 2 disc game on Xbox. If it hadn't been multiplat, it may of been open world, do to it's shear length and visual galour. I am not knocking the 360, I am just illustrating that the game was over 10gigs and the space issues were there. But hell if Mass 2 and RAGE can do it, maybe the next 3D Castelvania will too.

KornChildz2855d ago

If the next main Castlevania would be on PSP or DS, then I'd be a bit disappointed because we've already had several on each system and so technological wise it'd be too similar of an experience. 3DS being close to as powerful as Xbox 360 (at least from the visuals at E3 that we've seen) should be capable of deliver in a nice way.

Plus an 8gb max cart? That's huge!

LostWithoutTraces2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

8gb is pretty damn big (forgot that we now know the size of the cards).

DolfZigglers2855d ago

Maybe somebody here knows this:
How are we going to store data on PSP2? I know it's not really related to the topic but it's still handheld related. Will there be a memory card or hard drive? Will Sony use discs or cartridges which would be a first methinks. The main reason why I would want Castlevania on PSP2 over 3DS even though on 3DS I'm sure will still be ok is that PSP2 I assume will use discs and that always deliver higher quality music. The Castlevania series has some of the best music period and I want to enjoy it 100%.

CrazyForGames2855d ago

technically speaking there is no such thing as a main castlevania game every castlevania game that comes out is a main game

except for the obvious spinoffs like judgement

KofiKingstonPSThree2856d ago

Why does the next Castlevania have to be for 3DS? And does Iga really dislike motion controls that much that he can't make a Castlevania for PS Move that'd give you a whip and such? My arms won't get tired I swear! THAT would be fun.

KofiKingstonPSThree2855d ago

I just want a FULL BIG adventure game that's not limited by hardware in any shape or form.

CrazyForGames2855d ago

you did get a castlevania on ps3/360 and there wasn't anything special about it

ZeldaForever2855d ago

because the nintendo 3DS is awesome and alot of people already knows that unlike you who likes to fucking whine nintendo deserves to be in this gaming indursty just as much as sony so stop the fucking typing asshole..

ZeldaForever2855d ago

oh yea the person who disagreed with me fuck you to nintendo hater go back to your boring ass psp thats geting its fucking assed kicked by DS

Ahasverus2856d ago

Here comes the recycling again :fear:

Sun_e2855d ago

It seems like it would work well for 3DS

TOYstoryManIam2855d ago

Just one more reason to get a 3DS. MetroidVania FTW!

DolfZigglers2855d ago

I'm with you on the Metroidvania part!

draz12262855d ago

Can't wait to see which direction they go in. I haven't played a Castlevania game since Order of Ecclesia, but I hope its classic 2D platforming with some cool 3D aspects thrown in.

KornChildz2855d ago

That's probably my most preferred route they go with too. Too me the most recent PS3 outing of Castlevania was a great game. I definitely thought it was the most fine tuned 3D game in the series. That being said though it didn't feel very Castlevania ish. Where was the castle, lol?

A blend of technologies would be most idea. Give me a 2D game in gameplay but with 3D visuals and cool effects for bosses that come towards the screen.

Ahasverus2855d ago

There was the castle and it was the most awesome of all of them :P

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