Qriocity Lands On Euro PS3s

Qriocity, Sony's cloud-based music streaming service, appears on PlayStation 3.

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Undeadwolfy2910d ago

Sony uses this term literally- "Tis the season of giving"

Gotta love em.

Anarki2910d ago

Ewww it requires payment. Just load up your internet broweser, type in grooveshark[dot]com and you're set. ;/

Godmars2902910d ago

Grooveshark isn't working on my PS3 anymore. They changed the format and now it wont fully load.

FAGOL2910d ago

Damn I did'nt even notice. I knew that new T&C agreement had to do with something.

djreplay2910d ago

yeah, i logged back into my eu account(been checking us store for the demo's) and the T7C agreement popped out of nowhere.
Thought something was wrong.

GeneGodHand2910d ago

If i was a billionaire i would dress up like Santa knock on every door in my neighborhood and give out ps3 to all the children with sly cooper collection.

fasterthanu222910d ago

Except if you are a billionaire your neighbors are probably loaded too.

GeneGodHand2910d ago

No i would be a billionaire and have a apartment in the city i dont like huge houses and snotty rich neighbors i would never leave my block i love it here.

mac_sparrow2910d ago

So recently that's;

Lovefilm (which I was already a member so bonus)
itv player

to go with the existing Iplayer and Vidzone.

Colour me pleased.

mushroomwig2910d ago

Colour me pleased too, there is so much to choose from now. :]

No wonder more and more people are choosing to only have the PS3 connected to their TV.

mac_sparrow2909d ago

Actually I do only have a PS3 connected to my TV, not counting my amp which is a go between.

I'm not a huge fan of Tv so I don't need sky, and now the few things I like such as Russel Howard, Armstrong and Miller, Peep Show, Mock the Week and QI can all be watched through my PS3.

It's a pretty good solution for me.

makingdamage2909d ago

Congratulations for living in the right country! Here´s my list of recent updates:
- Mubi

Color me not pleased

mac_sparrow2908d ago

True, but can you really expect many British terrestrial video on demand services? I don't know what country you're in but I would say that hopefully those deals will pave the way for broadcasters in your country to get interested as that's the only way it'll happen. Sony can't force the issue.

Shazz2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

Gave it a try and interface is very slick and polished , when you do searches for albums it seems to have all the latest ones but I think it's mainly aimed at people who spend a lot of money on music being that it's 9.99 a month which is not too bad if you think about it . Basically if you spend more than a tenner a month on music then this app is a must for you

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The story is too old to be commented.