Is It Wrong to Hate Shadow of the Colossus?

Today's Speak-Up on Kotaku takes you way back to December 10, when commenter PatMan33 ponders whether it's okay to hate a game that pretty much everyone else adored. Is it?

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RedDead3768d ago

It depends on the person, I love it personally, but it's not the type of thing everyone will love. Since half of it is roaming around in the wilderness(which I love) but alot of people wouldn't like something like that.

anthraxCZ3768d ago

yeah, it is not the type of thing everyone will love because nowadays society is totally spoilt - for gamers, it is enough to have the same game every year, just with different title (call of duty series)

this is real game and i miss times of shadow of the colossus and ico (ps2) - another reason for me to buy playstation 3 next year

NecrumSlavery3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

SotC and ICO are two games that can't really be hated. I am about 10000% sure only a small percentage of gamers have really sat down and played these two amazing games. I myself haven't fully experienced them(os the collection is a day one for me). But looking back at them now, many people who havent played them, call them a thing of shear beauty. It's that appreciation for the art that is a drive for having a passion of interactive entertainment.

Yes it is ok to not like, or even despise a game. But if youre truly a gamer, you can still appreciate any title that commits to the growth of the industry. now all games are my cup of tea, but I would rather have a game that sells 10 copies, if it innovates, than another COD that sells 10mil compies that only replicates.

EDIT: At the disagreers. Go on and not support innovation. You'll have COD every November, waiting to fill your life with dull uninspired violence.

morganfell3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

As long as it is Kotaku hating on Sony then it is not only fine, it is actually mandatory.

- Ghost of Sparta -3768d ago

Most of today's gamers would love it if Wander acquired guns to bring down the giants.

If you hate SOTC, your opinion doesn't count for anything except toilet paper to wipe my ass with. Seriously.

HolyOrangeCows3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Someone at has decided to say that they're not a fan.....not the first 5 years that the game was out, but the year that a collection on the PS3 including it just so happened to be announced.

2011 is approaching fast. Scary, eh, Kotaku? You're going to have to make even more far fetched and outright BS articles (See Kotaku's GT5 video incident - which they accredited to a site that never had the video posted).

"Okay, so my buddy is ripping me a new one for disliking Shadow of the Colossus. He's been nagging me all year to play the game (which I own but never got to)"
They're even admitting to hating on games they've never even played, now.

Eamon3768d ago

I really liked SoTC.

However, my biggest issue was the gameplay in between bosses.

One reason why I slightly prefer Ico over SoTC is because the game doesn't leave you with a gap of doing nothing. There is always more platforming or more enemies to fight.

But in SoTC, between every Colossus is a large portion of free roaming and exploring. I understood it contributed a lot to the lonely and dark atmosphere of the world but I would have appreciated it if there were either more platforming in between bosses or at least some enemies.

Still, I'd have to say SoTC was the most innovative game in its time. It would have been an absolute masterpiece if it didn't have that one flaw.

deafwing3768d ago

There's nothing wrong with hating that game; it can get boring at times for some gamers while others just foam at after simply clicking the start option. It's a matter of personal opinion and everyone is entitled to that.

bananlol3768d ago

Seems to me like this guy focused to much on the stuff that isnt important in sotc and ignored the parts that made it the masterpice it is. And dont forget, he only played 1/16 of the game.

badz1493768d ago

on the reason why you hate it. if you hate it because the gameplay is not your cup of tea or the story is crap to you, then I think it's appropriate because different people have different taste but if you hate it without even playing it, then you're just a TROLL!

YoungKingDoran3767d ago

i think games can be art, entertainment, and alot of the time, both. some people dont think games are art. for them, i can see how they may not have enjoyed the game so much if they didnt get a sense of the atmosphere - the desolation and loneliness was a bigger part of the experience than the collosi themselves, and for me was a pretty unique and enjoyable experience. but then again, i havnt played even one call of duty game, so i may be a unique case.

rockleex3767d ago

Its a creative/arty game taking games to never before seen places.

If you're the type who wants your games to be all about fun and accessibility, then you'll most likely dislike SOTC.

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Rumor Monger3768d ago

We have tooo many shooter, its rare to find Gems like Ico and SotC...but i miss greate JRPGs this gen too

house3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

this gen seems like its fps heaven i miss the ps2 days when you could pick out basicly any type of game you wanted its starting to come with the ps3 in 2011.

on topic i think the people that dont really like sotc are more gamers that started gaming this gen as i said this gen has turned very fps heaven,

sotc is one of those gems that worked with atmosphere and great story telling its the best ps2 game by far

-Alpha3768d ago

SoTC wasn't a JRPG, but it was one hell of a Japanese game.

It's one of my all time favorites. Hate is a strong feeling to have towards such a great game, if you don't like it hopefully you can appreciate it.

zeddy3768d ago

there are some games people love that i dont really care about but i dont hate them, the least you can do is appreciate what this game did why why people love it.

Parapraxis3768d ago

Kotaku: Doing their best to be shittier every day.

King-Leonidas3768d ago

very very wrong... if you hate it, dont bother turning on your PS3/XBOX/PC... Youre not a gamer.

King-Leonidas3768d ago

keep the disagrees coming! cmon!

dc13768d ago

I think I want to watch Rocky!

NateCole3768d ago

True. However. Those who don't get this game shouldn't hate it just because they are stupid enough not to understand it.

This is my observation with SOTC haters. Most if not all don't get it or understand the type of game SOTC is.

rjdofu3768d ago

LOL people have different taste, I love fast-pace Action-adventure with rock music background or good RTS games, does it make me less stupid than you? SOTC is not really my taste,so fucking what?
Stop being a douchebag and force your opinions on people.

NateCole3767d ago

Hey moron. I said if you don't understand the game then don't bother hating. If you understand the game but don't like it as you have different taste then that is fine. There is no problem with that.

Do you understand the difference?. Idiot.

beavis4play3768d ago

oh, look........kotaku with more negativity pointed towards the playstation brand.

come on people - give morgan some bubbles - his comments are always worth reading!

TheDivine3768d ago

I got like 5 people to buy this just from watching 5 minutes of it, my bro watched me play the whole game. I liked them both but ico was definately a sleeper, nobody cared about it until sotc became the cool cult game it is now. Its def a masterpiece but most the people hyping sotc and ico havnt even played ico i bet. Thats my gripe, its the game gamers pretend only cool real gamers played like demons souls. Truth be told you might not like it. I couldnt see anyone hating it but its not for everybody. The art is undisputed though, even if you didnt really like it, the style and atmoshere was breathtaking.

RedDead3768d ago

I haven't played ICO, i've always wanted to after I heard SotC was a sequel to it, I wasn't on the internet when SotC came out, I only heard about games through Magazines. I'll be picking up the SOTC/ICO package when it's out for sure, I get a chance to finally play ICO .

FACTUAL evidence3767d ago

I'm gunna be dead honest...i played like 1 hour of this game, and sold it for dmc4 back in 08. My friend gave me the game for free. I wouldn't say it was bad but i didn't know wtf to do.

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units3768d ago

is it wrong to hate any game

Rai853768d ago

If you call yourself a gamer and than spread comments like that,...than yes it is wrong...

AssassinBrotherhood3768d ago

how can any one say that they hate shadow of the colossus its one of the most beautiful games you can play the story the colossus its one the same level as legend of zelda saying that you hate the game is like saying that you hate legend of zelda why would any one hate either of these games ?

rjdofu3768d ago

,,,,,,,,.....???? need some more?

WetN00dle693768d ago

Why would anyone hate it??
Guess the only people that might hate it are those that found the game difficult! I for one thought it was amazing! I cant wait for its release on the PS3.