Looking Back at 2010: The Year in Shooters

2010 offered us a lot of video games, and for those of you who enjoy pretending that your controller is a gun, it involved a lot of shooters as well. Some were good, some were bad, but can you remember all of them?"

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Matthew942857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Metro 2033 was amazing, got it cheap on a steam sale.

Everything is good except stealth play. Great atmosphere with the gas masks, having to recharge your torch, ammo is currency.

I would advise you to buy it.

kramun2857d ago

Yeah it was great, very atmospheric game. Not perfect by any means but it was still a great game, and lovely to look at.

VonBraunschweigg2857d ago

Bought only one shooter this year, back in January. A unique little game called MAG. Different, and really addictive when playing in a clan. In my opinion the coolest virtual battlefields currently available, not just on console. Too bad it's becoming a niche game, one year later and we're at 3 to 5k online everytime, that's not enough. Great support from Zipper though, the game just about always runs stable & smooth.

Agent-862857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

How could this list forget what was probably the shooter of the year in BF: Bad Company 2? Yet they include some really forgettable games like Army of Two, Lost Planet 2, Crackdown 2 and Kane & Lynch 2? Plus they count the open world game, Just Cause 2 as a shooter, but exclude Red Dead Redemption? Wow, G4TV, I've lost a little respect for you.

Xristo2857d ago

No BF:BC2 on list = Immeasurable Fail!

Not just probably...definitely THE best shooter of the year!

G4TV is just sad....

OllieBoy2857d ago

The Bad Company 2 omission is a travesty. Best FPS this year by far, and it's not broken online like Black Ops.

metsgaming2857d ago

BFBC2 best shooter of the year, possibly Goty but i need to play a few more games to decide on that.

Ruggadagod2857d ago

i bought bad company 2 and black ops that's it lol. that's enough for me until kz3. after that, it's more jrpgs and other types of games.

hamburger1232857d ago

i bought borderlands for 20 euros but never played it

NnT32912857d ago

then play it when you have time, it's a very cool and addictive game.