X360A: Top 5 Video Game Characters of 2010

X360A writes:

"In the second of our five “Festive Features,” we take the attention away from this year’s game trailers and throw all our praise at our top 5 game characters from throughout the year. That doesn’t just mean main characters either, oh no - although most of our 5 picks hogged the spotlight in their respective games - we mean anyone who particularly delighted us in 2010."

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Yi-Long2910d ago

I really enjoyed RDR, but I felt Marston was a bit of a whiny hypocrite. Didn't really like the voice and the look either.

Also, I would have put both Meat Boy and ilomilo in this list, as they're instant classics!

Meat Boy is a brilliant fun character in a fantastic game, and Ilo and Milo are just cute beyond belief, conquering hearts within seconds! Plus ilomilo is a fantastic game!

kramun2910d ago

Meat Boy is great, but as a character in a game John Marston had a lot going for him. For one he was human which is always a plus when you are trying to relate to someone you are playing as. Also he had a fairly interesting backstory.

Echo3072910d ago

I would actually agree with their 1 and 2. Marston was awesome, and there's about 3 different characters you could take from Mass Effect to put on this list.

ME19892910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

Oh cool, top 5 character list...

"Coming in at number 5 is Vanquish’s main character, Mr Sam Gideon."

The FUCK? Vanquish is a great game but...really?

xbox360achievements2910d ago

You've gotta love Gideon's Solid Snake bravado and his don't give a shit attitude, though? We did =)

ME19892910d ago

Sure, but among the top five best characters the whole year? Nah...

Arup022910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

Commander Shepard easily.

Dsnyder2910d ago

Johm Marston is one sexy man.