EMI music videos to land on Zune

EMI Group, the world's third-largest music company, said on Thursday it had signed a deal to provide preloaded music videos on Microsoft's soon-to-launch Zune digital media player.

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Marriot VP6399d ago

So this means it has video, it better. The video better support all the biggest formats from quicktime to wmp.

SEER6399d ago

Please, Microsoft, CHANGE THE NAME.


The future of Xbox: Will history remember 'the end of exclusive games' as the right choice?

A gamble that could pay off, or backfire.

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Jin_Sakai1d 17h ago

Xbox is pretty much irrelevant at this point and PlayStation will open up a massive player base for Xbox games.

Obscure_Observer20h ago

Yeah, it´s so "irrelevant" that even publishers and developers that used to skip Xbox and keep their games exclusive to either or both Nintendo and Sony, are now heading towards to Series Consoles.

Playstation "massive" player base couldn´t prevent Sony from losing freaking 10 Billion after its latest financial report, and PC which used to be treated as Sony´s *main* competitor according to Andrew House, is now their main partner.

Those are the facts.

16h ago
Crows9016h ago

Another fact for you. Developments is pretty standardized now compared to before.

Many games still skip Xbox consoles.

14h ago
Ironmike14h ago

Sony going to be doing the same watch next Yr

14h ago
S2Killinit13h ago(Edited 13h ago)

Xbox has never been as irrelevant as it is today. So much so that they are releasing their games on other consoles to make a profit.


anast13h ago

It will be up by 20 billion by the end of the 4th quarter.

StormSnooper10h ago(Edited 10h ago)

Even you can’t deny that Xbox isn’t what it used to be. They lose more ground with every generation.

derek8h ago

@Obscure, lol. You guys are delusional. The stock went down and it will go back up. PC is a partner? There is nothing to partner with concerning pc, it's is an open platform and Sony will use it as it sees fit.

Markusb3319m ago

imagine thinking anyone needs to listen to the company that has came 3rd place in every gen in every gen it was on the market, xb pretends its driving the industry this is not the case, when you have to say every screen is an xb you know you have to only a 3rd party publisher.

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Laxus10h ago(Edited 10h ago)

so irrelevant that they own some of the biggest games in the world.

Call of Duty. Minecraft. Elder Scrolls.
Nothing playstation has comes even close. But Xbox is irrelevant. Sure 😂

I think it's weird how Playstation fanboys are rooting for the destruction of Xbox. You actually don't like games if you do. Cuz we have seen how Sony acts when they get cocky. That's why they have no games this year and you'll eat it up.

NotoriousWhiz9h ago

No games even with a solid GOTY contender launching next week? If you say so.

Jin_Sakai7h ago(Edited 7h ago)

“so irrelevant that they own some of the biggest games in the world.“

I’m referring to the Xbox hardware not the software. 🙄

Knightofelemia5h ago

I'm a Playstation fan and I am not rooting for the destruction of Xbox. People are allowed to choose which platform they want to game on. I chose Playstation because of the diversity of games and I also like the Playstation studios they have under their belt. I also chose Playstation and Nintendo because they get more of the niche Japanese games. Xbox was going to get Gal Gun and Microsoft scrapped it. I use to like Gears of War when Epic still had it I bought a Series X just to play Gears. But the last two Gears games have been boring and I sold my Series X to someone who might enjoy it more then I did. Sony games might not push the COD numbers in sales. But at least they are memorable and replayable then a game that is released on a yearly basis like COD. Same shit wash, rinse, repeat.

Barlos3h ago

Xbox is irrelevant, not Microsoft. If it wasn't for Microsoft's deep pockets the brand would be dead already.

Markusb3316m ago

irrelavant as a platform as they even advertise not to buy an xbox, they can be the biggest publisher on the planet and have the most money and still be the worst thing in gaming with the lowest quality games because they are lazy and lack style, buying your way to the biggest publisher doesnt make you a success, what a werid way to think your a winner.

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-Foxtrot1d 12h ago

I hate the idea of consoles losing exclusive games, I'd be gutted if Sony or Nintendo started putting their games on whatever willy nilly as you've got to have that special "ooomf" to justify the purchase of each one.

However in Xbox's case they've been heading down this path for years now, not just because of Microsoft's new business goals but because of their own silly decisions. Microsoft buying up two massive publishers paved the way for them to become a huge third party publisher themselves and in years to come more games will come to other consoles

If you think they will stop at just 4 games then you are lying to yourselves

Lightning7717h ago

Nobody suspects they'll ll stop at 4. They're just testing the waters. If they succeed expect more of those types of games to make the jump.

EvertonFC17h ago

"If they succeed" well we know the answer to that already, so basically a 3rd party company in 3 years.

16h ago
14h ago
Lightning7716h ago

@Ever riiiight They're releasing a new gen console.

So much for 3 years I guess.

@landy get lost spam bot.

14h ago
EvertonFC13h ago(Edited 13h ago)

Of course they will have a console, but they will love the profits from Nintendo and PlayStation gamers buying the games.
It's gonna actually be a great move for Xbox, I'm not in the playstation has defeated Xbox camp fella I can assure you.
Playstation fans won't like me saying this but Sony will see the profits MS is actually making and will no doubt offer at least some exclusives imo at some point nxt generation.
It's about profits for these companies at the end of the day and they all love the €/£/$

Obscure_Observer15h ago

"If you think they will stop at just 4 games then you are lying to yourselves"

Well, I believe more games will come eventually. Just not the ones you´re expecting.

They´re already announced their plans to release another powerful next gen system. So to assume they´ll release their major system-sellers on both Nintendo and Sony´s systems is silly to say at least.

"I'd be gutted if Sony or Nintendo started putting their games on whatever willy nilly as you've got to have that special "ooomf" to justify the purchase of each one."

I wonder if Playstation consoles will be worth for you in the future as more and more games will making its way to PC.

I believe Nintendo will be the only one of the big three to remain loyal to console gaming only for the foreseeable future.

14h ago
MrDead14h ago(Edited 14h ago)

It's funny now MS is multiplatform it's own platform will be it's smallest customer base. They purchased publishers and studios that profit the least from Xbox and now MS is taking control away from Xbox heads and making multiplatform games multiplatform again!?!.. MS is the worst thing to ever happen to the gaming industry so far, lets see what damage their dream of rentals only does to gaming, their horrendous mergers have already crapped on the workforce and left fans of franchises in limbo.

anast13h ago

Nintendo can't, it would destroy their console sales. Their consoles are always the weakest every gen.

Laxus10h ago(Edited 9h ago)

Playstation is already planning to go day and date on PC. They're following exactly what Xbox has been doing. They're going down the same path.

MLB The Show comes out on Xbox and on GamePass every year. And Marathon is also coming to Xbox day one. Yes there are excuses you can make like MLB "forced" sony to do it or Bungie signed multiplat into contract "allegedly".

But the Sony I used to know would have done everything in their power to stop Marathon coming day one on Xbox and they certainly would have prevented MLB from coming to GamePass day one every year.

I wouldn't be surprised if Helldivers makes it over to Xbox in a year or two either. I also wouldn't be surprised if more of the Playstation live service games make it to Xbox either.

Sony nowadays agrees with Xbox more than they don't especially their new CEO.

These games are too expensive to make for them to not maximize profits by putting some games that make sense on other platforms.

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XiNatsuDragnel1d 8h ago

I won't like exclusives for platforms entirely go away because it negs the validity of a purchase.

16h ago
isarai15h ago(Edited 15h ago)

My thing is, making a game exclusively for one console allows the developers to get closer to to the medal, and get more out of their games than other developers on their platform. That's why first party games no matter the platform or generation have always been a step above everyone else, and have spearheaded technology far ahead of anyone else besides the rare outliers like Rockstar.

That has always been a huge draw for me as a gamer, and it would really suck to see that go away.