GameTrailers 2010 GotY Awards: Best PSP Game

The PSP had an epic year in 2010! Which portable powerhouse title brings home the trophy in GameTrailers Game of the Year Awards' Best PSP Game?

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Keith Olbermann2862d ago

Peace Walker should be up as GOTY.NOt just on portable either.

remanutd552861d ago

well to each their own , my personal PSP goty this year is God of War Ghost of Sparta , second best game Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

ZeldaForever2861d ago

how about PSP FUCKING SUCKS ASS mario and zelda should get the GOTY award it sells better its fun and now that the 3DS is coming out the psp will be on his way out the door at the hands of the 3DS get the FUCK out psp the only handheld we need is the DS and 3DS psp=fucking fail..

Kakihara2861d ago

Relax ... breathe ... breathe ... Calm blue ocean. Calm blue ocean.

remanutd552860d ago

wow now i understand your Gran Turismo comment , and to think i was arguing with you , now i feel dumb lol