PSN!: Splinter Cell Collection coming March 22 to PS3

Ubisoft has confirmed that the company is working in a HD Collection for Splinter Cell that will release on March 22 exclusively for PS3.

The games includes will be: The original Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.

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Nitrowolf24864d ago

great now put it on Disc and bring it to states. Anyone one know where i can import PoP HD Disc?

Quagmire4864d ago

Cheap as too. 16 pounds, although temporarily out of stock.

Echo3074864d ago

The article doesn't specify, but I would be shocked if this didn't come to NA. The series has always sold better in the states than anywhere else.

badz1494864d ago

if that's any indication, SC Collection is not looking too hot in my book already!

NeloAnjelo4864d ago

Dude, there are plenty of sights. Even amazon UK.

Nitrowolf24863d ago

for some reason they don't ship to USA for games (well this one)
other sites i have no idea and the price is really high

NeloAnjelo4863d ago

Right... Try Game, gamestation, HMV, DVD.co.uk, and even ebay. However the shiping charges are usually quite high. I import alot from Gamestop and YesAsia. Shipping from the US has always been a bitch. But if you really want it then no price is too great. I do this for mostly collectors editions. Sometimes the shipping alone can cost up to £30.

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Polluted4864d ago

That'll be a nice way to catch up for those of us who haven't been following the series.

Mr Exclusive4864d ago

The HD version of Conviction is next

Echo3074864d ago

Ahhh, I see what you did there :-)

mikeslemonade4864d ago

I pass the game was a let down.

ilikestuff4864d ago

mr exclusive popping of hahaaa! id like to see conviction on ps3 though, i like the splinter cells

Thecraft19894864d ago

The HD console version is coming next

theEx1Le4864d ago

Really not worth the time or effort imo. The game went straight downhill in my books when I heard they were not including spies vs mercs for mp. Then when I finally bit the bullet and bought it I was so let down even more :(. Seriously don't know anyone would consider Conviction a worthwhile splinter cell game at all. ever.

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BabyTownFrolics4864d ago (Edited 4864d ago )

be up and running with these hd remakes?

if anyone has a link to confirm that would be great.

tried searching for it but this info is always absent in the articles and press releases.

Dnied4864d ago

I fkin hope so,

spies vs mercs ftw

theEx1Le4864d ago

This, that mode is what makes SC good for MP, the ones in Conviction are terrible -_-.

Dnied4864d ago

I thought the coop story was great for MP but the actual versus modes were bad ya

Neo Nugget4864d ago

They'd better after they ditched the mode in Conviction.

I'll be very angry face if they drop it in the collection.

Tony-Red-Grave4864d ago (Edited 4864d ago )

lol conviction is in HD O_o but granteed i not only these games to playem again, especially the original with the epic last mission, not only because they were good but because i never experienced the online.

ohhhhhh i get it Dx

kramun4864d ago

Ok. It might be best if you take your pills now.

Tony-Red-Grave4863d ago

its not my fault i didn't understand the poor 360 crack -_- don't see how i get disagree for it