The BrutalGamer 2010 Awards: Biggest Surprise and Dud of the year

It’s a great achievement for a developer when a game with very little critical fanfare comes along and manages to take gamers by surprise. Likewise the experience is reversed when one of those games you have been waiting for -for so long – turns out to be a let down.

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EVILDEAD3602856d ago

I agree with Blur...

Played the M-player demo and was straight blown away at how I couldnt put the controller friend who actually mentioned the demo to me warned me..he was right

I bought the game and I absolutely love it..will go down in history as one of the gems of 2010..

Too bad we will never see a sequel..similiar to my fave racing game on the PS2..Rumble racing..which was similiar to Blur

Hopefully people discover it in the bargain bin and realize how great it was


femshep2856d ago

my personal biggest surprise was deadly premonition.....for 20 bucks it was a really terribly awesome game

and i disagree with the dragon age and FF13

FF13 was great just the story started slow and wired
Dragon age Dlc was cut short due to the fact they wanted to make dragon age 2 which is still gonna be an amazing game like the first one

EVILDEAD3602856d ago

I finally have to get around to playing Deadly Premonition..

Venox20082855d ago

Metroid: other M one thousand times better than Darksiders..don't believe - try it, but play all game...and don't compare this *hit to Zelda..