Lens of Truth - Head2Head: Dead Space 2 Demo Screenshot Comparison (HD 720p)

Lens of Truth writes "“In space no one can hear you scream” Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head screenshot comparison. This time its the Dead Space 2 demo for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Today, we got an early Christmas gift from EA by receiving both demos of Dead Space 2 on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace. Now that we’ve played through both builds we can confidently say that Dead Space 2 is looking GOOD, but unfortunately there’s only enough “space” for one winner. So check out our 720p HD rollover screenshots to see which version of Dead Space 2 is shaping up to be the superior port."

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Baron792858d ago

Looks pretty even! I can't wait to get this game.

donkeydoo2858d ago

What are you blind look at the second image before you make dumb statements.

emekcrash2858d ago

I don't see a difference. The fog is just brighter in the second Image, and that's because the photo was done at different times, obviously. It's funny because all of the other images look the same compared to each other... There's just one slightly different.

So... What are you blind? Look at all the images before making dumb statements.

lociefer2858d ago

its more like u have a troll-eye instead of him being blind

P1NKY2858d ago

All of them screen shots were zoomed in so when you are playing the game you wont notice any differences unless you are using a magnifying glass to find them.

SaberEdge2858d ago

They look pretty close. I want to see some framerate analysis, though, since that was the only real difference between the two versions of the fist game. If the 360 version has a better framerate again I might go for that version. But the PS3 version has the Dead Space Extraction, right?

jack_burt0n2858d ago

You literally are donkeydoo,

The ps3 version looks better, has 7.1 HD audio, and comes with a free whole game.

Suck it up and take it in, the 360 version is what you buy if you have no other options the donkey version.

Then go back to shoveling your donkeydoo.

HolyOrangeCows2858d ago

No lego shadows on the 360 this time around, and no light banding on the Ps3 this time.

In the words of Mr. Burns: Eeeexcellent.

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hackersdelight2858d ago

A win win for both. Reminds me of N4S:HP2

King-Leonidas2858d ago

noticed some jaggies in the xbox version

muDD2858d ago

The 360 looks better you blind fools... Its old... this fanboi shyt... if something looks better on another system, then it looks better... keep that old played-out fanboism out of reality. Just keep to the facts... just like how batman looks better on the ps3... its just a fact you blind fools...

Scotland-Tha-Brave2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Its a tie, their is no difference.If you think their is then you need to take your goggles off. But for the sake of arguing get ps3 version cuz theirs a whole free game with it, plus 7.1 audio.

muDD2857d ago

u are a fool... textures are better in the 360 screens... go get educated... blind fanboi fools...

norman292858d ago

Yeah dont know if anyone noticed but these images are all from the PS3 version, take a look at the first image, the text says press select and is labeled as PS3 but when running your mouse over to see the 360 shot it says press O and is labeled as Xbox 360, now if im not mistaken the Xbox controller has A B X and Y, no O

LiquifiedArt2857d ago

I'm a ps3 fanboy.

But both look pretty close to me.
Excited to get this one.

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donkeydoo2858d ago

Yea, Looks like another win for the mighty Xbox 360. Better textures and lighting IMO. Look at the second image you can see what I'm talking about.

mrv3212858d ago

Ssh, his mommy got him a 360 and he looked at 2011 line up and he really needs to deny the fact they look identical.

GodofSackboy2858d ago

Actually this guy looks pretty even, looked in his comment history and he gives some wins to ps3 some to 360

Lionhead2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

How does slightly sharper textures=mighty Xbox 360

Mind if I take your bubble?

XRider2858d ago

slightly sharper textures

King-Leonidas2858d ago

hmm those arent ´better´textures... those are called jaggies. Need glasses u do

SaberEdge2858d ago

Both games lack anti-aliasing so they are by definition the same. The PS3 version looks a little softer though so it might slightly blur some of the jaggies and textures.

Sea_Man2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

yeah they look almost identical! I'm going home and downloading this and little big planet 2 tonight! There's a ton of stuff to download tonight!

hackersdelight2858d ago

Dead Space was one of my favorites. I cant wait for the full game. Survival Horror at its best.

Iceballs2858d ago

Resident Evil 4 is survival horror at its BEST :)

mac_sparrow2858d ago

Silent Hill 2 for me, but then as much as I love Resi 4 I don't consider it a real survival horror game. Maybe that's just me.

ArthurLee2858d ago

The original Resident Evil thanks.

ceedubya92858d ago

They both look pretty close to me. Looks like they did a good job in making sure that there will be a good experience across both consoles.