OMGN: Dead Space Review

The survival horror genre really came into its own when the first Resident Evil came out. What followed was the likes of Silent Hill and Condemned hitting the market. Thankfully, Dead Space was released in 2008 to provide the survival horror genre an excellent new franchise to build upon. If you haven't played Dead Space yet, then now may be the time to acquire it, especially with Dead Space 2 coming out January 2011.

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Kurt Russell2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Next week they shall be reviewing Tripods on the Amstrad CPC 464!

What is the point in this?

rfludwick2858d ago

Tripods may be a good one to review. Thanks for the suggestion.

OMGN doesn't focus exclusively on new reviews (although we'd prefer to). Not all gamers get a game right when it releases. Some get a game far after it releases, kinda like some of us at OMGN.

If you don't like retro reviews then don't read them, simple as that.