IGN:Killzone 3 Single-Player Preview

IGN:Want to know what awaits you in the Killzone 3 campaign? The answer is giant mechs.

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SnakeMustDie2910d ago

Can't wait for Killzone 3.

Hard_Gay2910d ago


ign will troling in killzone 3 review people

mark my words ;)

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mp12892910d ago

I was just expecting a preview about what they don't like about the demo (IGN) , but it was surprisingly good preview. much better than the gamespot one.

zeddy2910d ago

pwoaaar!! look at them graphics.

OhReginald2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

Best Shooter of 2011 confirmed.

AndrewRyan2910d ago

I dislike all shooters. Why you ask? Well because the protagonist are always surreal jacked military guys who are not afraid of death and just burst into action shooting and taking thousands of bullets and yet not dying. Every shooter is the same. Killzone 3 is the prettiest I have seen but it is still the same generic shoot this guy, move here, shoot some more, blow this up, Michael Bay nonsense.

danthegardner1042910d ago

"I dislike al shooters" How bout Bioshock?

OhReginald2910d ago and you honestly think bioshock isn't a shooter? is.

DrillaKid2910d ago

>"I dislike all shooters"

Lots of games have shooting elements; but what i think you mean is military-based FPS in which case I'd tend to agree with you - they have cliched characters, storylines and set pieces.

Mr Tretton2910d ago

If you know you don't like this kind of shit then why'd you even come here?

You don't see me hanging around JRPG articles...

Esena2910d ago


"it is still the same generic shoot this guy, move here, shoot some more, blow this up"

You can show that type of condescending attitude toward any video game genre. Sports games, RPGs, Action games, etc.

Let me know some of your favorite games so I can make fun of them...

Kleptic2910d ago

agreed...Isn't gaming about doing stuff you can't do in real life?...I like playing as an action hero in a shooter that can get plugged endlessly and live...because, you know, I can't do that for real...

morganfell2910d ago Show
SnakeMustDie2910d ago

Wow, the irony. You hate shooters but your name and avatar disagrees. I forgot Bioshock and Mass Effect aren't shooters.

AndrewRyan2910d ago

Nobody saw my sarcasm eh? I thought "Michael bay nonsense..." would have tipped it off.

Anyways, you have all lost the game!

dark3552910d ago

Yea... because Ph.D.s from MIT in half life are sooo jacked up and buff in half life

Foxhound9222909d ago

Cry me a river...
Regardless of FPS formula, it's still fun for millions of people. Besides, with amazing graphics and gripping story from games like KZ3, its easy to waste multiple hours a day playing them.

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Death24942910d ago

Spear in the head, right after being Spartan kicked =Epic. For those who were disagreeing with me when I saying that I would pick up Crysis2 later because of Killzone3. This is the exact reason why I said that.

acky12910d ago

Killzone 3 = best shooter of all time
Sony 'til I die

trounbyfire2910d ago

you are like me i don't car if people call me a fanboy i rep sony

bviperz2910d ago

That's cool that both of you rep Sony big time. Nice to see die-hard fans that show love for one side without the need to attack the other. Keeps it up!

Kingscorpion19812910d ago

Sony til I die and in the afterlife :)

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