El33tonline Review: Sonic Free Riders (Xbox 360 Kinect)

El33tonline writes:

"We’ve seen a number of ‘extreme’ racing games released over the years on a variety of platforms featuring SEGA’s inimitable blue mascot, Sonic T. Hedgehog, most probably in an effort to try and provide a super-powered alternative to Nintendo’s mascot-imbued Mario Kart series of racing games.

While the Mario titles have continued to maintain a consistent level of high quality, release after release, the Sonic-themed games have never really hit the mark to represent a serious threat to Mario Kart’s crown, but because these particular ‘Mascot Wars’ are well and truly over, and the company’s respective console wars are but a memory, it’s no longer about providing the better alternative to Mario Kart – it’s about providing the better game.

To put it bluntly, Sonic Free Riders is still not ‘the better game,’ but the fact that all gameplay is controlled with your body using the controller-free gaming device, Kinect for Xbox 360, the game offers a completely different way to navigate through fast-paced race tracks, perform tricks, collect Rings and use power-ups."

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