The Positive Influence of Piracy

Connor Beaton writes: "The only things which evolve as quickly as new games technologies are methods of piracy and the gaming press. Back when people were enjoying games on the cassette-based ZX Spectrum, pirates copied games with cheap audio equipment and gamers’ daily dose of news and hype was delivered primarily through magazines. Fast forward to the present day, and digitally distributed games are being cracked and released through torrents, while the latest videos and announcements are heard from websites not unlike this one."

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Dramscus2884d ago

I believe it's a sign of the future. I believe one day the majority of art will be free. Things like lbp2 are the next gen. Eventually people won't buy game's they'll buy game engines and platforms to make games on and play games made by others.
Which will help stop piracy by providing free content as long as you pay for the base model.
What point would there be in pirating something like lbp2 if you couldn't access the millions of user made games.

So in the future there will probably be an mmo type system for a game engine/platform. You'll pay for unlimited access to custom content.
It'll be like whats starting to happen with music. The music industry complain about piracy killing the industry but freely available music crafting tools have allowed millions of people to share tracks on various websites. People not looking for money but for the satisfaction of creating something to be used by others.