GT5 patch 1.05: Hidden changes revealed

Gamersmint: There were a lot of subtle changes when GT5 got its latest update which were not mentioned in the official log. We have the complete list below for you:

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Karooo2884d ago

Wow PD is doing a great job here, headlights are great now

zeddy2884d ago

they just needed more time to finish the game. if this patch was on the game from the begining you would see some of 8/10 scores turn to 9/10 atleast.

RedDragan2884d ago

If this was all in the launch game it would still get ribbish scores because the reviewers didn't play anywhere near the whole game.

As one site stated, all reviews are null and void because the reviewers did not do their job.

iPad2884d ago

I got this game on Saturday and it's truly amazing.

vTuro242884d ago

Nice update.
They really are doing a great job.

King-Leonidas2884d ago

shadows looking damn better now! Good job PD! Treyarch should take some lessons on how to fix their games from PD.

IcarusOne2884d ago

Game just keeps getting better. I know it's a long shot, but I'd love for them to add better Fanatec support in the options menu.

showtimefolks2883d ago

we will see many more changes in many ways for a great game

by next december we will all be playing GT5.5 lol

IcarusOne2883d ago

The amount of time they put into this, I really hope they support it for the long run.

jellybalboa2884d ago

I just want people to know that since release of gt5 on the ps3 i have been playing day in and day out, i have lost interest in real life happennings, i have put on a stone in weight, i have started to neglect my loved ones, i have cancelled all the jobs i have had booked and have told all the customers due to snow i am unable to work, i need help. is there anybody out there who is in the same situation? i am 29 years old, what the hell am i doing? this is not me! i keep telling myself its just a game but it keeps calling me, calling me, off i go again............

opoikl2883d ago

Yeah, I understand your concerns.. gt5 ruined the end of my first semester.
Not only do I seem completely unable to stop playing at night/ in the early morning, I now find myself constantly figuring out excuses (apart from the snow) to skip lessons and delay work in order to have day-long gaming sessions. Once I get in the zone, that is when I stop 'playing a game' and start to feel G forces, the outside world ceases to exist for me.

I just hope that everything will change once I have beaten every endurance race and completed A-spec. For this reason alone, I stay away from racing online. I have enough addictions to deal with as it is..

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GamingForever2884d ago

This is just the start, Kaz will keep improving in game in the forseeable future and will leave no stone unturned to make the game as close to perfection as he can

LiL T2884d ago

This is a great patch. I noticed a diffrence in the online play and loading times. The thing that gets me is "better clutch support for G25/27 " Then why are my friends and I having troubles shifting into third all last night when we never had this problem before. Hopefully it was just the drinking and driving Lol... But three people with the same problem at the same time is whack

karl2884d ago

wow awesome.

i wasnt expecting for an improvement of the clutch for the g27/25 but its more than welcome...

was having some troubles there


Me too, it's good news, now all I want is full G27 support so I can config all buttons, but thst doesn't look like happening if there is any truth in the rumors about PD fighting with Logitech over the G25/27 exploit to quick gear change, which supposedly Logitech denied to fix and the whole situation ended with Thrustmaster holding the right to make a GT licenced high end wheel...

never_waste_a_bullet2884d ago

how is the clutch? does it really add to the game a lot?

karl2884d ago


well.. its not much of a real car without a clutch... at least to me.. im not a fan of automatic gbxD

now.. what we need is a way to bind the handbrake in the wheel
i just cant use it... im driving with no handbrake because its just to inconveniently positioned

i honestly didnt know that g27 had so many troubles with Gran turismo.. i bought it thinking it was the best choice

it still is the best steering wheel out there for what ive been told .. so i dont regret it.. i just hope this last problem is fixed

Undeadwolfy2884d ago

This is the support that should be on ALL games.

GamerSciz2884d ago

It's amusing you say that because I can mention a couple, actually more then a couple games with continuous good support. Rather then mentioning the game let me mention the devs... Guerrilla Games, Insomniac, Kojima, and of course Naughty Dog. Ironically those are all PS3 exclusive up until recently.

Undeadwolfy2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

I totally agree. I was simply pointing out that ALL games should get this rather than those listed :) and btw, 1st party studios kick ass.

karl2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )


jesus dude.. that was completely offtopic lol

edit: i was just kidding since they said "all ps3 exclusive developers"

Rattlehead202884d ago

How is it off topic?

I was just adding a developer to what GamerSciz wrote.

Kleptic2884d ago

I agree other games get great support GamerSciz...

but NOT Kojima, or most likely more importantly...not Konami...

MGS4 shipped and the game was fine...but there were no updates for trophies or other features that became available after the game was released...But the game itself didn't need updating really, it was perfect at release...

MGO is an entirely different story though...and it was never fully fixed...but that was ALL konami, and further evidence of how the Japanese truly don't understand online gaming...

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