Spawn Kill Review: Soap Opera Dash

Spawn Kill's Rebecca Quintana writes, "The response to hearing about a new DASH game is pretty much the same, regardless of who is hearing the news: “Another DASH game?” The difference is the tone in which that statement is made. Either it’s one of surprised disgust, confusion, or excitement. If you fall into the last of these categories, keep reading, as Soap Opera Dash is the latest in the franchise from PlayFirst, and one that strives to yet again take the series in a new direction. If you found games like Hotel Dash and Cooking Dash interesting diversions from the main food-delivery series we know and love, then Soap Opera Dash may be right up your alley, so stay tuned."

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tigresa2949d ago

That's a really cute idea. They're doing some crazy spin-offs with this. I hope they start putting some of them on the DS, that's my favorite place to play these. :)

rrquinta2949d ago

That's interesting, because I haven't tried any of the games on DS, only played them on PC. I have to say I liked Hotel Dash more, but liked this more than Cooking Dash.

Snarkasaur2949d ago

There should be lots of sex in this game. :(

Drachaus2949d ago

Sex, and awkward amnesia sequences.

ShadowPraxis2949d ago

And people actually turning out to be Flo's long-long brother's cousin's nephew.

K-Tuck2949d ago

That's their upcoming title Bangin' Dash.

rrquinta2949d ago

lol I'll buy you a sandwich if they make that one.