Uncharted 3 to Be Biggest Selling Game of 2011 at ShopTo.Net

ShopTo.Net is predicting that Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception on the PlayStation 3 could be the biggest selling game of 2011

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Shanks2948d ago

“Pre-Orders for Uncharted 3 are still coming in every day, despite it being nearly a year away. As it stands at the moment Drakes Deception has already outsold what is likely to be our other big title of 2011, Gears of War 3.”

Great news for Sony and Naughty Dog!
Cant wait for Nov 2011!

SuperKing2948d ago

I think it'll sell quite alot more actually. Probably 5 million for U3, thanks to the larger install base of Europe. Hell even Japan loves some Uncharted.

Active Reload2946d ago

Uncharted won't sell more than Gears 3 and if anyone thinks so, I'll set up some bets if you're really serious. I'll find a way through paypal or something. They have to be kidding themselves.

FACTUAL evidence2946d ago

As much as I love Uncharted series, I have to agree with Active Reload. No way in hell it's selling more than gears. See, Ps3 has more of a variety/options. 360 only has that ONE blockbuster every year, so of course they're going to get crazy sales when they only have like a good game or 2 on the market.

thereapersson2946d ago

They act like everyone who pre-orders games ends up actually picking them up.

SnuggleBandit2946d ago

I agree with active reload.

I have to tactically plan how im gonna spend my money in 2010.

Littlebigplanet 2
Killzone 3
Infamous 2
Socom 4
Resistance 3
Uncharted 3

And thats not including multiplats. Gears is really the only blockbuster title for the 360 next year.

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DasBunker2946d ago

gears will sell more.. because of the lack of other exclusives games on the console :P another halo spin off probably and mhhhh what else? lol

Bigpappy2946d ago

Not going to happen. Gears will outsell UC as it did both times before.

thebudgetgamer2946d ago

it's still going to be a better game. that's all i care about. that is coming from a person that loves gears.

Active Reload2946d ago

What is this article about? Can you read?

thebudgetgamer2946d ago

i still believe it to be true, but like i said you are right on this.

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guigsy2946d ago

Bollocks. It might be the biggest selling PS3 game, but we all know that nothing can touch COD as things stand, whether we like it or not.

drewboy7042946d ago

Even though it'll be one of if not the top game alongside possibly Crysis 2, Gears 3 and ME3 It'll prob still sell less than whatever cod comes out.

socomnick2946d ago

lol @ their prediction

Uncharted 3 wont even be in the top 10 for 2011.

LarVanian2946d ago

I really envy your ability to look into the future.....

killer_tornado2946d ago

LOL isn't it the same retailer that predicted move will outsell Kinect based on their preorders.. lol :)

we all know how that went

2946d ago
drewboy7042946d ago

I think he was saying since Move is obviously advertised to the casual gamers right now because of what its competing against that people usually buy 2-4 controllers. I'm pretty sure people only purchase one Kinect

killer_tornado2946d ago

Move has "SHIPPED" 4.5 mil

Kinect has "SOLD" 2.5 mil units :)

You were saying ??

CrAnKiTuP_012946d ago

Date: November 30th
@ 4.1 million units
You were saying?

sobekflakmonkey2945d ago

"The reported 4.1 million units sold comes from the controller bundle with Sports Champions and the 320GB Playstation 3 bundle."

wow, and i can see why, honestly the move is pretty damn fun.

visualb2946d ago

although this is ONE source only

thats pretty damn impressive =O

U3 will be huge. if U2 has almost reached the 5 mil mark 1 year after release, imagine U3 =O

great news =) since more sales means MOAR GAMEZ and more support =)

killer_tornado2946d ago


"Sony confirms shipping, not selling, 4.1 million Move units"

4.1 mil "SHIPPED"

You were saying ????

otherZinc2946d ago

N4G has the silliest posters ever, with some of the worst articles ever.

Just the 1st month of Gears 3 in the Americas will out sell Uncharted 3 for the entire year world wide in 2011: Period!

Now, you silly fanboys can disagree all you want & N4G can continue to post dumb*ss forecasts reported in articles like this; but numbers dont lie, people do. Gears 3 will be the victor here people.

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Wizziokid2948d ago

It's possible but I think ME3 will give it a run since it's multi-platform and potentially Crysis 2

SuperKing2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Is Mass Effect that popular? I remember some data from EA's financial reports that Mass Effect 2 hasn't even broken past 2 million on X360 and PC combined. No wonder they're bringing it over to PS3.

Dunno about Crysis 2 though, probably sell more on consoles. That much is atleast guaranteed.

trounbyfire2948d ago

yeah its a myth the ME actually is a sales giant but people really seem to love the story.

SuperKing2948d ago

Not to mention Uncharted cracked past 4 million sales on PS3 alone ages ago. And since the Uncharted franchise get bigger each time a new iteration is released, I seriously doubt both games are going to sell as much as U3 let alone U2.

StanLee2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Each iteration of Mass Effect has sold about 2.3 million units on the XBox 360. Not a sales juggernaut by any means but a success. I think what gives Mass Effect it's cult following is being critically lauded and previously being exclusive. I've ripped the first game for being a mediocre shooter masquerading as an epic RPG. The second is more a mediocre RPG masquerading as a competent shooter.

But on topic; it's great that we can now predict sales numbers for a title a year away based on preorder numbers at an online retailer. /sarcasm

NateCole2946d ago

lol Stan. Totally agree with your assessment of ME1 and ME2. Both are still great games though.

visualb2946d ago

wow superking that news made me sad =(

ME is such an amazing franchise, sometimes it hurts to see games like COD sell so much and games like ME and Team Ico games under sell =(

not that ME sells bad, but NO WAY should it only be that much =/

Blacktric2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

"May 12th, 2010 8:00 am ET"

Look at the goddamn date before posting something. That report is from more than 7 months ago. Mass Effect 2 released at the end of January 2010 which means it sold 1.6 million copies in roughly 4 months.

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HelghastDrake2948d ago

While Gears 3 has sold a lot, its really not that far apart from uncharted sales. I believe Gears 2 lifetime sales was 5 million while U2 lifetime sales are around 4 million. I definitley see this happening. We all know it will outsell Forza 4 lol

trounbyfire2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

wow Gears 1 is at 6 million on vgchartz, and wiki
gears 2 is at 6 million on vgchartz

i didn't know that i always thought it sold like 10 million the way people talk about it but i can see UC3 could sale more if only the same and if Gears sales 6 million and UC3 sales 6 million we all win because those are great numbers.

SeanScythe2946d ago

LOL @ you for believing VGChartz!!!

trounbyfire2946d ago

and wiki said the same thing
and i never said vgchartz were correct or what have you. i use them as a estimation of sales. if the say a game sold 1 million it probably did around 1 million.

so while you LOL i'll be LMAO @ your lack of logic for not using them the way i do

Karum2946d ago

You know the Wiki aticle could very well have been written or edited by someone at VGChartz right?

Wiki is not always a reliable source of facts, nor is VGChartz.

I'm looking forward to both games tbh so the only sales that matter to me are related to the two purchases I'll be making. One for Gears 3 and one for Uncharted 3.

trounbyfire2946d ago

wiki could be they monitor the stuff if its updated so you can rely on wiki moe than vgchartz but yeah its possible

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Zir02948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

They also said GT5 was going to be the biggest PS3 release ever and look what happened there. ShopTo is small online retailer who focuses on the PS3 this really doesn't count for much.

Oh and lets not forget COD for 2011

zootang2948d ago

Well GT5 is top of the UK Christmas chart. 5.5m sales is not a bad thing.

LORD-PHOENIX2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

a gaming outlet looking to make money which sells games for every console and PC also but it focuses on one platform?

yep because they dont want to sell 360,wii and pc games,they put fanboy mentality like yours before making a profit s/

and are one of the quickest rising internet sites,google it,they are far from small

every comment you make is full of crap how old are you?

units2947d ago

5.5 shipped more like it

zootang2947d ago


Have you got a link for that because Sony Japan list sold

Drekken2948d ago

It is poised to be the top selling PS3 exclusive. What are you going on about?

Yeah... lets not forget the drones of mindless idiots that purchase COD every year.

trounbyfire2948d ago

biggest PS3 exclusive launch......check
fastest selling racing game this generation......check

so stop the BS and get over it. WHY SO MUCH HATE TOWARD GT5 is it because it going to out sale gears 3 and UC3. just saying i don't see gears 3 or UC3 getting to 7 million

Karum2946d ago

Shopto are a pretty big online retailer here in the UK, not sure where you get the impression otherwise. Not the biggest by any means but they do have a fairly large customer base.

They don't focus on the PS3 either, I know because I get hit with their emails every week and there's usually always one focusing on PS3 and one focusing on 360, much of the time both emails feature the same games but of course exclusives are thrown in there too.

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