Happy Holidays Bulletstorm Style

Developer PeopleCanFly makers of Bulletstorm have crafted a beautiful trailer for the holidays. I’ve seen some great videos in the past, but this one tops it off unlike any other. Maybe it’s because I’m a gamer but I think it’s a very creative way of wishing everyone Happy Holidays. Don’t believe me, check out the trailer your self.

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halocursed2948d ago

That's how real men wish Happy Holidays!

Ziriux2948d ago

Black Ops should release a free Holiday map.

NecrumSlavery2948d ago

@ anyone thinking COD would get anything

It would be cool if they did something like uncharted 2 did, like giving everyone santa hats. I would like it if for Xmas all the maps in COD had snow and christmas lights all around. Also maybe presents under random trees that are like care packages. If I was Bobby K, I would do that..

On TOpic: I think this video is great and really funny. I am looking forward to Bulletstorm. It looks to be another thrill ride like Vanquish was but on a different level.

GrieverSoul2948d ago

That was really funny!
I have a good feeling about Bullestorm.

Offtopic: The only thing Activision gives is bad connections and bug filled online games. Im looking at you Black Ops! :|

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HarryMonogenis2948d ago

That was amazing! Especially enjoyed the part where they put the body on top of the tree. XD

Ziriux2948d ago

Ahh the Christmas spirit. I want Bulletstorm soooo bad.

cain1412948d ago

I am pumped for this game.

Cinotix2948d ago

Ever since playing the game at E3. I want this bad boy to come out already. Love the arcade style presentation.

Ziriux2948d ago

You lucky wanker. Oh well.

HarryMonogenis2948d ago

Heh, looking forward to this game myself. The scoring system looks addictive.

Cinotix2948d ago

For some reason it very much reminds me of Call of Duty points flying up on the screen style.

Ziriux2948d ago

I love the music and the lighting.

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