Over 1.5m Windows Phone 7s sold

Eurogamer: Over 1.5 million Windows Phone 7 units have been sold since Microsoft launched the iPhone rival in October – a start the US giant today described as "promising".

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Joule2856d ago

Actually its shipped to retailers and carriers, Windows Phone 7 is selling horrible.

SuperKing2856d ago

Not really that surprised. Now it's just about iOS vs Android. Can't wait until my Nexus S arrives, Super-Amoled screen + Andriod 2.3 FTW.

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Christopher2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Yeah. It's actually not selling too well. Then again, Android had a very slow start as well. It took them about 6 months to sell 1 million IIRC. If Microsoft can match that sell potential, then there's a chance for them to survive and compete against iOS and Android.

@Nemo88: Yeah, but WP7 is also opening to a market already dominated by two existing mobile OS. It's a very uphill battle for the devices, but Microsoft is doing what it can to market it heavily ($400m in marketing over 3 months). If it doesn't show signs of expected growth by February, it will be a poor sign of its future.

Nemo882856d ago

Yes but Android launched with 1 device, only in the US on T-Mobile.

WP7 launched with 10 devices, simultaneous worldwide on 60 Carriers.

Ju2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Microsoft was around on cell phones for ages - much longer than Android. They just didn't have a smartphone product (WinPhone6 and all other WindowsCE based devices). They totally missed that train. Now they play catchup and promote a "phone that you don't need" (lol at the commercial). Will be tough for them to catch up.

Klepto2856d ago

What the hell are you talking about?! Microsoft created the whole idea of a smartphone alongside palm! Windows mobile ring a bell?

ngecenk2856d ago

yeah even ms employee agree it does not perform very well, not even compared to android or iphone. some even predict it gonna goes on the zune path as well. the problem is not the phone or the apps or the feature, its the brand. ms need to fix it brands before it launch an end user gadgets.

iphone is typical to hipster and gadget freak, bb rim to professional, and android to geeks. ms try to grab every market of those but failed at least until now.

Ju2856d ago

Sure, Klepto. Apple Newton ring a bell?

Fact is, they didn't have a modern smart phone on the market before WP7, yet were in the market since forever. And, agreed, based on their history, IPhone and Android should never have happened.

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Pixel_Enemy2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

The people who disagree with El Jugador... Don't know how to read or click links apparently..

oh I get it.. U MAD

Baka-akaB2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

even the stupidest microsoft fanboys should find not be entirely unhappy about such a slow start .
You do not want anyone to have complete control over the mobile market like MS did and still does with pc .

morganfell2856d ago

Not only that but as of last July Droid is outpacing Iphone. When the article states "...since Microsoft launched the iPhone rival in October..." is Eurogamer just errant or are they implying MS is after 2nd place?

Nemo882856d ago

Yep report this and Eurogamer's article as False.. as if we didnt need any more proof Eurogamer were MS fanboys.


LG sold 1million Optimus handsets (ie. ONE MODEL) in 40 days!

Arknight2856d ago

It's basically the next Zune.

internalbit2855d ago

Got to give credit to Microsoft for taking time to release win 7 for mobile and therefore releasing a solid and reliable mobile platform, rather that the unreliable mess that is xbox 360.

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Stealth20k2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

When the 3ds sells 4 million in 1 month to people (maybe 6-8 million shipped)......this wont look so good

And if people think the psp phone will do any better they are fooling themselves. There are too many players in the smartphone market.

If you want to see impressive sales/gaming look no further than the psp 2 and the 3ds.

jivah2856d ago

why wont the playstation phone do better?
it coming loaded with stock android 3.0 as rumored* and android is selling(or being activated**) at a rate of 300k + a day soo why not. its very much possible

akaFullMetal2856d ago

lets hope it can keep up with the support and updates and really see what this os can do.

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