Dead Space 2: The Complete Intro in HD

Watch the complete Dead Space 2 intro in HD:

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sam22362859d ago

Misleading headline is misleading.

This is NOT the game's intro, this is the demo's intro...which is also the newly released trailer.

Iceland2859d ago

I was really impressed by the demo. It's really good.

sam22362858d ago

So was I. Really looking forward to the game.

Sevir042859d ago

anticipated titles of 2011!!! i cant wait at all. Visceral knows horror better than Capcom! :-)

Koolno2859d ago

Great demo..

probably the one and only multiplatform i'll buy next year..but i 'm probably forgetting some other good games.

femshep2859d ago

can't wait collectors edition with the plasma cutter will be mine


im gonna go read the book again =D

Welshy2859d ago

i cannot WAIT for DS2. although theres a mountain of PS3 exclusive and a few on 36o im gonna get too, this is still my most anticipated game next to KZ and LBP.

i had to buy agood half dozen packs of underwear but i played and thoroughly enjoyed 3-4 plays of the first to get the platinum =D hopefully u get some kind of reward if its checks ur trophies like uncharted

Welshy2859d ago

just remembered the demo is out on the store today... *faints*

SnakeMustDie2858d ago

Isaac talking was kinda akward. When i played the first one, he supposed to be the "Gordon Freeman" type character.

sam22362858d ago

I agree. The voice doesn't match his face, imo. He looks about 30 or 40 yet he sounds like a he's in his early twenties.

I hope the demo's voice is just a placeholder.

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