The VGAs Can Be the Awards Show the Industry Deserves

As the curtain pulled away, a white staircase filled with men dressed in dapper white suits and top-hats danced and sang their way onto the stage. After a good minute of jazz hands and choreographed moves, the group fancy-footed their way up the stairs as the host emerged from behind. After looking around perplexed and annoyed, Neil Patrick Harris exclaimed, "What the f*@# do you think this is? The Tonys?" While the dancing and singing can be ditched, it actually would be a good idea for the Spike Video Game Awards to be more like the Tonys, Emmys, and Oscars. Luckily, the VGAs are slowly but surely on their way to doing so, and it's a good thing.

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MKEGameDesign2858d ago

One of the best opinion pieces I've read about the VGA's this year. Not having cable anymore, the addition of describing a lot of the show's visuals helped me put the praise and criticism in better context than other articles I've read to date.

hankmoody2858d ago

The problem with this show is first and foremost, the writing. I literally cringed when that one presenter came out and talked about how much she loved sex while she was presenting the reveal trailer for SSX Deadly Descent. As long as the show writers keep pandering to the thirteen year olds, video games will never be looked at as a mature art form. Secondly, I agree with the belief that this show should go the way of the Tonys and Oscars and be taken a little more seriously.

italianbreadman2858d ago

Great observations here. The VGAs are poised to be so instrumental in the process of maturing the videogame industry, but continually fail due to lack of professionalism or recognition that such an industry is as much for reasonable, stable, mature adults as it is for pre-teen boys, if not more so.

The author's brief mention of the GDC Awards reminds us that this sort of awards ceremony CAN be done right, just needs the proper backing in order to succeed on all the levels we want it to. I'm excited to see how the ELAN Awards turn out.

amlabella2858d ago

I love the ideas proposed, but I get the sneaking suspicion that they'll continue to focus on the announcements more so than the awards themselves. But I agree that video games could use a proper awards show like the Academy Awards or something along those lines. I personally enjoy the GDC Awards myself but it doesn't get a whole lot of coverage. At least not in the same way the Spike VGAs do.