LittleBigPlanet 2 Beta - Zombie Apocalypse 3D Shooter Survival Gameplay

E4G: Gameplay of a map in the LittleBigPlanet 2 Beta called Zombie Apocalypse 3D Shooter Survival.

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dkblackhawk502910d ago

Hehe that game looks like fun :D

AnttiApina2910d ago

If there would be a console equivalent of Garry's Mod, it would be Little Big Planet.

Seriously, it gives many gamers the tools to basically make your own games. I hope that this spawns many great PC indie styled levels and games, with experimental gameplay.

Pixel_Enemy2910d ago

I love being in the LBP2 Beta! I get to play all of these games! I played this a few days ago, same with the FF7 remake and this one

curtis3942910d ago

WowWowWow... Like they said on LBP 1... "The possibilities are endless" !

NecrumSlavery2910d ago

only limited by your imagination

Sitris2910d ago

thats how FPS look in LBP2, but the fact it works at all is amazing.

Pixel_Enemy2910d ago

This is called.. a BETA. Would you like me to define it for you?

Coffin872910d ago

You're such a douche, even douches feel vicarious embarrassment for you.

frostypants2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

I think there's two schools of thought here:
1) People who appreciate this as a display of the flexibility of the tools, but realize that it's not really something you'd play much. Clearly most of the truly awesome stuff will be sidescrolling or top-down. But it's a cool trick nonetheless and worthy of appreciation.
2) Fanboys who want to think LBP2 will let them make a full blown CoD-quality FPS game. Not gonna happen, fellas...

It *is* pretty amazing though. For a non-programmer to be able to construct something like this with a canned toolset is pretty freaking impressive.

frostypants2910d ago

Who disagrees with this?

So, you CAN build CoD quality games with it??????

N4G: where towing the fanboy line is more important than reality.

nnotdead2910d ago

i think the disagrees are coming from your second point. very few expect LBP2 to offer large AAA quality games, that take hundreds of people and countless of hours to make. the vast majority of people fall under your first point.

i would think more "fanboys" are dismissing LBP2 because it wont make "CoD-quality" games. those people are missing the point.

egidem2910d ago

Man I can't wait for the demo to go live today! This game + the gamers = ridiculous creativity!...I have so many levels created in LBP 1. The fact that you can play those in the second game makes LittleBigPlanet 2 just full of WIN.

Raendom2910d ago

Do you know if the demo will have any creation options? Or if it'll be a level by MM?

egidem2910d ago

Honestly I have no idea! But looking at what people have been creating in the beta, I can assume that whatever will be in the demo will give us a sweet taste of what the final game can more than offer. I hope the demo comes with some creation stuff. I live in Canada so the store hasn't been updated yet. Dead Space 2 hasn't been put up yet, although the demo is now live on Xbox Live.

Focker4202910d ago

Dead Space 2 demo is live on the Hong Kong PS Store

zgoldenlionz2910d ago

most lbp1 levels are garbage, if theres no way to sort the crap from the good stuff i wont be buying this. LBP is plagued by achievment levels H2H levels and lame walk to the left diagrams of your favorite movies. i was a day1 buyer of lbp1 and i put close to 150 hours in creating levels, but having to play 20 garbage levels to find one worth playing isnt worth my time or money.

ForceCSW2910d ago

My tip would be to go to the pages of the great creators: Mrsupercomputer, comphermc, annoposteller and the like. From their pages check the levels and other players they have hearted, there's certainly going to be quality levels on display.

zgoldenlionz2910d ago

@force thats a great idea ill definately dust off my copy of lbp1 and give that a try.

Azmacna2910d ago

i absolutely adored LBP1 and i adore LBP2, but can we stop with the crazy superlatives with every level that's posted up? i've seen much much better than this. all it does is make PS3 fans look desperate and there's no need for it. LBP2 is nothing less than a revolution and it's due to hit soon, so lets be balanced eh

frostypants2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

Indeed. As I said, I appreciate the flexibility, but let's not pretend these FPS creations are something they're not. N4G hates honesty, it seems (see my 3 sad bubbles).

Appreciate LBP2 for what it *is*, people.

jrbeerman112910d ago

bubbles for frostypants and azmacna

rare on these boards for intelligent posts.

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