Evil Avatar's Shotgun 99: A Very Bear-y Christmas

Evil Avatar: It’s that special time of year again. A time when we remember the true spirit of the season, celebrate with loved ones, and have Josh Bear from Twisted Pixel on our podcast to make a bunch of sexist jokes. That’s right. Josh is back and sitting in to help us close out the calendar with our final episode of 2010. Tonight’s topics include “The indie game development scene and how to offend the people in it”, “Why Quake Arena doesn’t work without a mouse and keyboard”, “Hydrophobia Pure. What?”, and “Potpourri”. We also have a chat about our “just missed” list for games of the year, until Jim is far too drunk to make sense anymore.

Oh, and in case you didn’t know, Twisted Pixel is making this game called Ms. Splosion Man, and Josh talks about that. Mostly about why she cries so much.

All this and more on the annual finale of Shotgun! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

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