2010's Most Absurd Collectors' Editions

GamerZines writes:

Collectors' Editions are an acquired taste and 2010 has seen some great bundles released, but there has been a handful released over the past twelve months which stray into bizarre territory.

Here are five of 2010's most absurd collectors' editions.

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Deleting3515d ago

I got my Bioshock 2 collectors edition my accident. I never knew how big it was going to be when I ordered it from, I thought what the hell since it was only 24.99 and the standard game was just 17.99.

I Assassins creed codex edition was amazing, I'm actually surprised europe got a better collectors edition then America

Still had to order my Littlebigplannet 2 CE from america, Europes is a joke

mightyboot3515d ago

I guess mw2 prestige wasnt absurd at all.

what an absurd article.

RumbleFish3515d ago

"We should have known Sony Europe were having a laugh at our expense when they bundled a leather wallet with the premier edition as well."

They just knew that some people still have enough money though they bought a Signature Edition. BTW: it's awesome! Stealth Cars FTW!

Bounkass3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Lol, USA got a very crappy Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Collector's Edition. I love my EU Limited Codex Edition and all stealth cars without Signature Edition!