Epic's Capps sounds off on Gears beta, movie

Founder of Epic Games Mike Capps discusses the April beta, and how Gears of War 3 is being planned for a September release.

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Balt 2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Microsoft has had impeccable timing and placement on their side this generation.

Price cuts
Game releases
Add-ons like Kinect and Live updates
Hardware revisions and console redesigns

Everything has just lined up perfectly for them this generation. While consumers are busy playing their games and buying them, Microsoft was busy playing the strategy and marketing game. So far they've came out the victor and it's going to be tricky for Sony to top what they've done. Not impossible, but tricky.

guigsy2948d ago

I agree, September is the best time to release a blockbuster title because it's out there before the other major holiday titles but you still get all the holiday sales. It worked for Halo and it will undoubtedly work for Gears.

Iamback2948d ago

So it's again Resistance vs Gears.
People are missing bigger picture on this. IF this is true and Gears gets released in September, then that means there is no Halo game for first time in who knows how many years. Since Halo always gets released in September.

IronFistChinMi2948d ago


Halo:CE was released in November. This news gives momentum to the rumours about 343 Studios developing a Halo:CE remake on the Reach engine to mark the 10 year anniversary.

BYE2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Let's see...2009 there were hardly any good exclusives for the 360.
2011 is all about Gears.

Yeah, really awesome timing!

Blaze9292948d ago

why do u care? you act like the 360 audience is the same as the ps3 audience who likes to pretend they can afford and buy every exclusive that comes out. We all know very well for the majority of 360 consumers, Gears of War 3 and a new Call of Duty is more than enough as they'll play that and that only for months/years to come.

They do not need 6-20 exclusive titles in one year - they won't play it.

so let's not pretend like they 360 audience is crying out "wheres muh exclusives microsoft!?"

no one cares - except ps3 fanboys for some reason...

candystop2948d ago

"They do not need 6-20 exclusive titles in one year - they won't play it."

And lets also not pretend PS3 is getting way more exclusives. We all know most of those games never release on time and over half of them are just so so titles. Funny to see them ignore 2010 where 360 clearly delivered a better year round experience with software.

dragonelite2948d ago

They are only caring after for 360 gamers.

DiRtY2948d ago

September: Gears of War 3 / Haunt
October: Forza Motorsport 4 / Steel Battalion / Codename D
November: Kingdom / Project Draco / Rise of Nightmares

Would be a VERY good lineup for holiday 2011

eferreira2948d ago

just wonder what they have planned from Jan-Aug

Iamback2948d ago

it's funny when guys like DIRTY get excited on some live people teaser (Kingdoms) and bunch of Logo's (those Kinect games). He has no idea how any of those games look. HILARIOUS! Or as HHG would say RIDIDICULOUS! !

DiRtY2948d ago


you are looking forward to Agent, aren't you?
I like Crytek games and what I have seen from the CryEngine 3 looked very promising. And the concept-art looked really nice, too.

So I have a reason to look forward to it. I didn't even know I had to defend my personal look at this game.

And Forza 4 will be the successor of the highest rated racing game in the past 6 years. The developer never released a games that was not AAA.

Gears of War goes without saying.
Maybe we will see Xcom / Star Wars Kinect earlier next year. But right now I still have Fable III to beat. And I will finally get Red Dead Redemption for Xmas. So I will be a VERY busy gamer next year.

Iamback2948d ago

Are you for real? I couldn't care less about AGENT (for now) Have you ever seen me mention it? Nope. There are at least 30 other games that i want to play next year, games I KNOW ABOUT, HAVE SEEN THEM IN ACTION! AGent is just a logo, for now, just like your list. 95% of PS3 fans don't even mention it, since we are busy planning on playing other games for 2011. So your comment and logic fails.

And besides don't ever again date to compare Rockstar North with Crytech aka made two mediocre games.

DiRtY2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )


I think your logic fails. I am looking forward to some games you are not looking forward to. So what? Do I have to defend the games I think look promising?

Your logic fails even harder when I tell you I am looking forward to Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3 as well, because I play both consoles, PS3 and Xbox 360. That caught you with your pants down, didn't it?

I just said that MS has a very strong lineup for the holiday season 2011. Forza and Gears are 2 very big franchises with a dedicated fanbase. Kingdom looks promising and I will probably get it day one.

I will get Uncharted 3 and Resistance 3 next year, too. So you are limited to one console and I am not. You need to defend one console and I don't. You can't admit there are good games on different consoles and I can.

Try to see it this way:

More consoles = more win.

So please stop this childish epenis-fanboy contest. There are dozens of great games coming out next year and I will play the ones I like the most, not the ones that happened to be on my console of choice.

*edit* I am also looking forward to Agent, just because there is a talented developer behind it. I am also looking forward to the next multiplat game from Bungie and the multiplat game from Insomniac. I haven't heard anything about it, but I like the software these studios created in the past. therfore I have high hopes for the next games.

candystop2948d ago

"Or as HHG would say RIDIDICULOUS! ! "

You gotta be kidding me right? It's ridiculous lol

dragonelite2948d ago

Have you seen the multiplat line up in that period every exclusive will have a hard time.

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Stealth20k2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

That looks pretty damn far we havent seen anything of these kinect games because odds are they suck, so the smart thing to do is keep them vaporwear until right before they release. Either they use kienct exclusively and are on rails. Or microsoft looses the "be the controller" motto and uses a controller and makes kinect optional/worthless

september: new ratchet,disgaea 4,resistence 3
october- team ico collection,the another world
november- uncharted 3, the last guardian,twisted metal

Thats not even including Final Fantasy V XIII,White Knight Chronicles 2,motorstorm, agarest 2.......

That sounds better as a real gamer.

The ps3 has exclusives every single month next year

jetlian2948d ago

outside nov with uncharted 3 you would tie at that point. September goes to gears seeing as resistance never could beat it.rachet and disgaea aren't very popular anymore.

oct can go either ways. ico will get critic success and another world looks like it will be average at best.

Keltik822948d ago

Ummm Gears of War is so over rated. I really wish Xbox 360 fans would stop freaking out over that one game, its all I ever see Xbox fans talking about. Don't you ever realize how many PS3 exclusives there are and how much more advance they are in terms of graphics and gameplay? Just get a damn PS3 so you guys can talk about more great games then just Gears of War.

jetlian2948d ago

already check gamertag next time. When UC gets that splitscreen , more visceral combat and better weapon handling then you can talk about advanced gameplay.

When KZ gets 4 player splitscreen with 4 people online you can mention advanced gameplay

user83971442948d ago

Come on Gears you dont want to go against Uncharted 3?

49erguy2948d ago

Nope they decided to lose against Resistance.

user83971442948d ago

Well resistance is FPS and gears is TPS so uncharted is the best opponent for gears.

jetlian2948d ago

you compare a series with 5 million sold total to one with 12 million and both with 2 games.

Uncharted 3 going up against cod. Sale won't be as good as they should

49erguy2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Uncharted owns Gears. No reason for silly comparisons.

Gameplay Variety
Online IMO

We own 2011 anyway. Good luck to the box next year.

jetlian2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

first you mention resistance which I had to treat you. then You want me to treat you again!! 7.6 million to 12 hmmmmmm can't tell which is higher =).

Gears started the trend of stop and pop. No it didn't create it but it definitly made it popular.

As of right now gears still has better shooting mech, better coop , and better all around combat.

How do you own something that isn't even here yet? haha

Active spot on. playing as the beast in beast mode is gonna be tight. the end of a trilogy.

Active Reload2948d ago

Gears 3 will eclipse anything coming out around that time except maybe COD. UC3? Gears will sell twice as many discs than UC3. UC3 won't stack up against Gears 3 in any way. You can bookmark this page with me saying this. MS will make sure no knows what UC3 is or what it looks like, with the Gears 3 promotion they'll be doing. I'm surprised ND didn't push back UC3. I guess they're comfortable with their sales of that game. I don't see anything competing with Gears 3 when it launches. I'm also laughing at people saying Resistance 3 will beat Gears 3 in anything. You guys like setting yourself up for failure don't you?

bananlol2948d ago

It has been said over and over again but some people just doesnt listen. SALES!=QUALITY. And the fact that you consider gears to be supperior compared to uc3 completely subjective, so dont state it like it were a fact. For instance you could start your comment with "In my opinion...".


Lol are you trolls serious resistance beyond sucks all that game is nothing but eye candy so you can have as many of that disasterpiece as you want gears rapes it and will continue to rape it.

49erguy2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

@ ICONACLYSM At least know what you're talking about. When was Resistance ever known for its graphics? First off I was just joking, so lighten up.

@active Uncharted wipes the floor with Gears in every way possible. If sales measured the true quality of games, then Wii Sports would be the greatest game ever made. Sales is an easy way to avoid the question IMO. And seeing as to Xbox only has 2 REAL exclusives. I'm sure they'd sell more than the 30 exclusives we have. Enjoy 1 new exclusive for 2011! Oh and Call of Duty too. Xbox=shooters and nothing else worthwhile.

jetlian2948d ago

sport is a pack in so it can't truly be counted and its not even the same type of game. We all know after 1 month noone will be playing UC3 MP

UC is a quick popcorn flick of a game

49erguy2948d ago

@ jetlian Gears is a good game, I agree. But not only does the story and characters suck when put up against uncharted, but there really isn't any gameplay variety. If U3 is a popcorn whatever, then Gears is nothing more than a quick shoot-em-up.

Fortunately U3 has more going for it than lining up the middle of the screen with a monster and pushing the trigger button.

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xkarxfreddy2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

id rather gears 3 than uncharted 3 tbh, uncharted 3 will b amazing just like 2 but the mp in uncharted is crap! gears 3 mp will b amazing!!

user83971442948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Yea like gears 2 multiplayer? Any Uncharted game is better than any gears game especially in the graphics.
Whatever, I say both games have good multiplayerbut gears to really lags behind gears 1.

xkarxfreddy2948d ago

i didnt mention graphics, uncharted graphics beat gears hands down but the mp gameplay in gears is better!

NecrumSlavery2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Gears Online is broken as hell. The MP in Uncharted 2 may not be as fun for some but it is flawless. And I like that Uncharted has a different style of MP. Gears is a TPS 100% of the time, but in Uncharted, you can use stealth, climb up and grab guys from underneath, pull them off ledges. Shooting and platforming are hand at hand. But as GEAR 3 will be an inprovement so will Uncharted 3. Also Cliffy B said the 360 was maxed out. And to be fair, Gears 2 was only 20% better than the first Gears. Uncharted 2 was 120% better in every department. Do you really think Uncharted 3 won't be? They have used the same engine, but have tweaked it and it is still the most beautiful game on consoles.
But that aside, both games will be great. Epic is really the ones to go to to get perfection out of the U3Engine.

Petro892948d ago

Gears is a game that will sell very well regardless of when it releases, but it makes sense to get it out there before the annual CoD release in November.

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