PS3 Still Tops Xbox 360 Worldwide

AOTFB: If you have been paying attention to gaming monthly NPD data reports, you would have noticed that Microsoft has posted six consecutive "winning months" in 2010. Helped by the new Kinect controller and it's wide popularity, Microsoft seems to have a strong and healthy lead in the race for second place among consoles this generation. Or do they? A recent interview between Industry Gamers and John Riccitiello seems to poke holes in the theory that Microsoft has a secure lead, and that lead will be surmounted for good in the near future.

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Hellsvacancy2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

But what, u know

Im sure there will b excuses

deadreckoning6662857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

"next year due to the amount of AAA exclusives i see ps3 landing second place"

I've heard this before.

"kudos to ms for bringing the competition to sony"

Yup, if it wasn't for the 360's early success, the PS3 would still be $400 and PSN would have HALF the features it has now. To deny that the competition had no effect on Sony's resurgence from the "you'll want to work an extra job to get a PS3" mentality would be to not have any common sense.

LORD-PHOENIX2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

my comment but instead of replying to me in comment two you quote me in comment one just because you need to seen.

edit: you quoted me again, MY COMMENT IS NUMBER TWO, people will still read your comment if you are a bit further down

darthv722857d ago

360 has become the Genesis of this generation. Released first. Turned heads. Converted some. And yet a great system that some would turn the cold shoulder on because it is connected to MS.

Shame what people hold grudges on these days.

showtimefolks2856d ago

but in a way you are right if it wasn't for MS sony would be lazy i think early this gen sony had to just look at themself in a mirror they were great in ps1-ps2 but ps3 didn't start out well

but MS coming 15months ahead of sony in europe and yet sony has a lead and in japan sony is killing MS just shows that sony is a WW company while MS is not simple as that when you talk about windows people might know MS but not for gaming

and in WW media if your device is broekn it will get what it deserves BAD SALES people WW are not blind to just MS and that's a great thing


ps: expect a new console from MS a lot sooner tahn what many want to believe

Vherostar2856d ago

b-b-b-b the NPDs!!!! Anyways what people don't realise is Ms can bang on about victory in the US but most devs don't come from US and will want to release games for the console that will sell the most in there native country. It's why you see less and less JRPG's now for 360 and why if PS3 keeps outselling 360 worldwide eventually Japanese developers will stop completely as they won't make a game that won't sell in Japan for any console.

SixZeroFour2856d ago

you realize that in that article they werent talking about the recent numbers right? that they were basically only talking about popularity worldwide

"Either way you cut it, world wide, The PlayStation brand is synonymous with video games."

the worldwide numbers arent in and this article isnt commenting on it...just saying

FOXDIE2856d ago

Lets wait for the numbers shall we! :D next year will be interesting.


its the 3rd fastest selling console of all time and has cut the lead down to a couple million.

next year due to the amount of AAA exclusives i see ps3 landing second place,but sony should really have surpassed 360 already considering their success with ps2,much credit goes to is a major factor,sony have finally realised this but still need to market more aggressively.

kudos to ms for bringing the competition to sony, if 360 is in 3rd place next year they have nothing to be ashamed of they have done well

darthv722857d ago

sony has nothing to be ashamed of either. 3rd in a few markets. 2nd in others and even 1st here and there. That is nothing to be ashamed of.

What is it about placement in the market that detracts from the quality of of entertainment value? You may not have said that but there are many who seem to imply that if you're not're last (ricky bobby quote).

Can anyone ever just walk away and say they were glad to be in the race?


no one said sony should be ashamed

but they have not been as successful this gen as they had previously predicted, their high and mighty attitude confirmed that at the time or should i say the quotes by ken..

theres no doubting the mans a genius and ps3 truly is living up to the potential he envisioned 4 years ago,its just a shame that they were blinded by the success of ps2 to become self absorbed. granted alot has changed within sony now and i must say 'for the better' they are now listening to the fans and are giving us some of the best exclusives in any gaming era.

but if you could go back four years and ask sony 'four years from now do you expect to be in third place?' i guarantee the answer would have been 'no'

sony will overtake 360 next year the gap is small and they have the exclusives next year,but in saying that i think microsoft have done well to fend off sony for four years..

SnakeMustDie2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Competition is healthy so I am glad that both PS3 and 360 are doing well. Competition breeds excellence and excellence is equal to quality exclusives which are reflected on the 2011 PS3 lineup. Hope the 360 excels more though.

shutupandplay2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )


The PS3 is nowhere close to topping the 360 worldwide, get real people. The 360 has been trouncing the PS3 for months. The gap is 3 million minimum and after seeing recent data, the gap is probably much bigger now. PS3 wont top the 360 until new consoles come out, get over it.

"The question is if the PlayStation 3 would still be relevant at that point, or if a new console would be on the way from Microsoft."

Bingo. By the time PS3 catches the 360, we`ll be into the next generation and nobody will even care. 360 beat the PS3 this generation, face it.

LordMarius2857d ago

whatever helps you sleep at night

worldgames2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

@shutupandplaym you are strange person, nearly everyone on this website hates you even your 360 counterparts seem to stay away from your posts because they are so crazy. Just saying maybe wake up man and get both consoles. Then you will see the light. But for now your just a little kid trolling every ps3 article you can find.

And what data are you talking about VGchartz?? NDP only America. Man come on surely your not that stupid.

On topic the guy brings up some good points and yes all what he said was actually true. Kudos to the writer.

GrandTheftZamboni2857d ago


Whatever the hell you're smoking, I want some of it.

darkdoom30002856d ago

360 has been beating out PS3 is US, probably UK too. but PS3 has been ahead worldwide for quite some time. The 360's 10mil lead has chopped down to <3mil.

SixZeroFour2856d ago

almost sure the biggest lead 360 had was 6mil give or take, 8mil tops, and that was when ps3 was just coming out...but no where near 10mil

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49erguy2857d ago

PS3 owns 2011. Don't talk about the past people. Not to mention the RROD repurchases and the extra year you have on us lol. Competition is gooooood.

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