Kinect is one step closer to virtual reality

In this new video you can see that Kinect has many potential, but the way the user implements a Remote Kinect multiplayer option is just the tip of something even bigger.
Before you watch the video the two people are in two completely separate places so just remember that and what this can do for the level of interaction with players in the future.

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SMOK3xFFx3769d ago

lol, soooooo corny, but still cool.

ajcastillo3769d ago

I know LOL, specially the part "Together we'll destroy the PS3 MOVE" jajajajaja


the hacks are better the games on kinect.

ive seen some amazing hacks,kinect truly is a powerful tool,not really suited to gaming but so much more

Chucky20033769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

lol,you know kinect is working on PS3 too,while move doesn't on 360 ,jajajajaja

Varodor3769d ago

first video where character can move in game

3dawg3769d ago

these are the same guys who showed the other "kinect" hack that uses the wii remote to control the camera. obviously they are moving the environment not the character; using some kind of remote which i think is the wii remote as usual.

GodofSackboy3769d ago

Honestly shut the f**k up with this "jajajajaja" thing, it's some thing that gay Indonesian people do.

SixZeroFour3768d ago

@chucky2003 - now i wonder if thats actually better for sony or microsoft

on the one hand, it no longer makes kinect "exclusive" to xbox and ps3 players can use kinect, but on the other hand ms would profit from any ps3 player buying it to use on their ps3

HxCGamer3768d ago


your stupidity is amazing lol

jajajaja is hahahaha
A lot of countries use the letter "h" as a mute sound, and the "j" makes the english "h" sound... thus jajaja

and no I'm not indonesian.

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jneul3768d ago

lol no amount of kinect hacks will make kinect do a hardcore game like killzone three with motion control, well not like moove does lol xD
btw the lightsaber demo for move was much better except it was swords but hey we know move was made for it please note that was 2009 lol

Bigpappy3769d ago

They are getting there. Now back to work you two!

SnakeMustDie3769d ago

Looks amazing! Can't wait to see more.

Arup023769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Duplicate. Wow, these guys are approving so many duplicates. What's wrong?

OT: lol this guys are horrible actors. Cool hack tough.

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The story is too old to be commented.