Indie Uprising Review: Decimation X3 (Crush! Frag! Destroy!)

CFD!'s Rob Rich finds an unexpected twist on a classic in this new Indie Uprising release:

"Retro revivals are all the rage right now, apparently. Some developers are taking their classic franchises and giving them more of a contemporary spin, while others are re-imagining a beloved series from their youth. It’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, but it’s also a good trend so I’m cool with it if it wants to stick around.

"Enter Decimation X3: Xona Games’ unique take on the Space Invaders formula and sequel to another one of their creations that released right at the beginning of this year. Apparently the first Decimation X was a huge seller in Japan on Xbox Live. So this third installment (the second was released on Windows Phone 7) takes the already reworked concept and reworks it some more. It reworks it into Retro Bullet Hell oblivion."

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tigresa2886d ago

Best indie game I've ever discovered! I love it to death - and it's totally fueled by the sick tunes.

Giantsquirrel2886d ago

Since I can't read the article, I'm going to say it sucks ass. <3!

ShadowPraxis2886d ago

This was a lot more fun than I was anticipating it being - I was honestly never a huge fan of the original Space Invaders back when I was a kid.

Ndigity2885d ago

That looks like some crazy fun.

acronkyoung2885d ago

All these games have made me want to buy a 360.

ShadowPraxis2885d ago

You need to stop saying that and give in already. Santa not bringing you one this year?

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