Three Pokémon Giveaway Events Coming To GameStop


"Nintendo has just revealed that they are partnering with GameStop to give out three legendary Pokémon to Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver players. The Pokémon that will be given out are special versions of Raikou, Entei, and Suicune."

jaredhart4817d ago

Pretty Sweet. Too bad Im not into pokemon anymore. :(

-Mezzo-4817d ago

I myself lost interest in (Pokemon).

Drjft4817d ago

Pokemon was cool before the added the other 9,000 pocket monsters. That being said, I've still got a Charizard I've had since Fire Red. <3

Relientk774816d ago (Edited 4816d ago )

These Pokemon are way better than what Ash had

What happened to Gotta catch 'em all

In the original show/season he had like 10 pokemon

Krabby --> Kingler

really? fail, just fail

juniordee4816d ago

It's cause everytime he catches one he gives it away later on.


Relientk774816d ago

Yea (I left out a couple I forgot Primeape, Haunter and stuff)

Ash is such a noob

Neo Nugget4816d ago

Cool, I might snag them if I'm in the neighborhood. The dogs are clearly the best legendaries around :P


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shinoff218311d ago

I bought always awakening and it's sequel off Amazon for ps4 I didn't know it was released for nes for retro people lol.


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P_Bomb68d ago

Total market revenue = 95% digital 5% boxed! 😵

Christopher68d ago

MTX is massive, so it does warp this. Lots of the biggest revenue streams are in-game and not on shelves at all. But you know where a ton of kids get the in-game currency to buy them? From cards sold at B&M stores.