David Jaffe's 2 cents on the Uncharted movie

Eat Sleep Play's David Scott Jaffe, co-lead designer of the the upcoming Twisted Metal weighs in on the upcoming flick

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Balt 2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Look, guys, it's like this.

Why care about who is playing Drake when the movie, from what I've seen of the script, resembles absolutely nothing of the product and source material in question?

There is a jungle scene near the start of the film -- An important artifact is stolen -- Drake is hired along side his father and his uncle to track it down and put it back into the "right" hands. The rest of the flick will take place, seemingly, in the city and be tied to a very mob-like mentality.

This isn't the "MOB" persay, but "A" mob so to speak.

As of right now Drake finds out that the artifact in question belongs to his family and he is then reluctant to give it up and gets the FEDS and the "other" group on his trail. This is where his "family" comes into play and "Elena" is tossed into the mix as she works for the other guys, the "bad" guys. But she is somewhat enamored with Drake.

This is your story line, guys. That is your story. Let it go. This movie could've been called anything.

"The fighter" made 12 million on open and cost 25 million to make -- A cut in pay from both Mark and Bale. O'Russel, isn't making any new friends in Hollywood right now and Mark is only along for the ride because of a favor. That's how the biz works. Scratch my back, I'll scratch yours and we'll then both go down and get capped off after the premier.

Yes, it'll recoup cost -- But it won't break much more than that. DVD sales and Streams will never generate enough money, due to the red tape involved, to give Paramount a substantial lead thru. He's going to be skating on thin Ice next year.

MrAwesome2949d ago

I really don't care who is playing Drake but I just wish the movie turns out (at least) good and makes the franchise some justice of course if it's as good as the games it's gonna be the best movie ever.

inveni02948d ago

Who cares what Jaffe thinks?

Honestly, I'm not sure who to blame about all of this. I'm hoping that Sony has final say over the script and casting, and that they ask Naughty Dog for their input. I really doubt that Naughty Dog will be happy with the way things are going. Some artists aren't in it for the money. ND has proven that, and so has Sony. (Sure, they want to make money, but giving devs 5+ years to make a game just proves that they're also interested in the final product.)

AAACE52948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

James Lafferty should play the role of Drake, since they clearly modeled Drake after him. They look and sound the same! They both even play the roles of someone named Nathan!

James Lafferty plays Nathan Scott on One Tree Hill. My wife watches it, so I have to every now and then.

As a fan of Firefly and Serenity, Nathan Fillion is a good actor! But he is not right for the role because of his accent and more importantly his age!

hay2948d ago

I started to like Jaffe in this precise moment.

Christopher2949d ago

1. No clue where you're getting your info from, Balt, but that sounds like crap for an "Uncharted" movie.

2. If what Jaffe says is true and the ND team have some control over what will happen in the movie or not, I'm very happy about that.

3. I still think everything I've heard so far points to making an action adventure movie that doesn't need the "Uncharted" title attached to it. I hope Sony keeps this in mind and doesn't just use the title to draw in video gamers who will walk away going "How the heck does that at all fit in with the GotY games I played?"

ReservoirDog3162949d ago

Wait wait wait. You have the script?

KingPin2948d ago

do you people not learn from your mistakes? lol ALL game to movies suck ass!! there were no decent ones. some people will disagree with me and say that silent hill was ok/good, but no, to me it was junk! a good/decent movie in my books is something i can watch easily once and thats it. no movies based on games were easy to watch. so il skip this one and just play uncharted 1, 2, 3 again. Hollywood are fast running out of ideas! inception was a breath of fresh air though :)

Christopher2948d ago

PoP recently was far from bad and one of the better action movies of 2010.

Though, I did watch DOA the other day and while it's bad, it's bad in a great way. And, I thought up a drinking game. Every time you see the letters DOA, take a drink. Guaranteed to get you drunk in the first 20-30 minutes.

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Jeff2572949d ago

Sony is the main studio behind the movie and the people at Naughty Dog do have a big saying in what happens. I expect great things from the movie and maybe instead of following any of the games it will just be another adventure for Drake. Each of the games so far has told their own stories but served the universe as a whole. The movie could do the same.

Deleting2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

How can it be just another adventure for Drake when the movie is going to be nothing like the games

......Nathan Drake suddenly becomes a man bringing justice for museums with help of papa drake and uncle drake.....Elena...Sully....... who the hell are those guys, why do we need them two when we have family ¬¬

frjoethesecond2949d ago

Well that's it then. Jaffe is still a legend. Great feedback from Mr. GOW.

Orionsangel2949d ago

Why should we be concerned? We should have faith, right? Because as history as shown Hollywood has made amazing movies based on Video Games. Oh yeah they haven't. Yeah so I wonder why we would act suspicious. Get a clue Jaffe! You're talking out of your ass again!

RememberThe3572949d ago

I think that is what he was alluding to when he said this:

"At the same time, movie makers often get stuck in a tired way of thinking."

Orionsangel2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

I agree with Jaffe in the way the guy went about it, but at the same time. He defended Hollywood and basically told us to have faith in the movie makers. Which I think is absurd given the track record of Video Game movies.

Quagmire2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Why are gamers being punished? Is it something we have done sony? Do you blame us for something...maybe something we havent purchased of yours, or maybe for not nominating a Sony owned game for GOTY? Why Sony, Why?!

I mean, David Jaffe would make a better director than Dickhead O'Rustballs!

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